Donation for Flood Stricken People 2012

Injustice.. sadness.. meaningless show offs

Just Bliss


When the disaster invade our adversity

The second time; a team from faraway land

 Came to our refugee camp to help us

 They were disheartened to see our despair

They bought rice from the local market

They bought quality rice at max cost

Gave us without any media coverage

The security guards provide to them

Were watching casually their kind deed

When those angels in disguise left us

The guards violently grabbed the rice bags

But no media coverage, no news published!

Later arrived the aristocrats of our country

They had hunger eradicator sweets for us

The squad asked to chant slogan in their favor

When our throat became dry and parched

They distributed candies to us on behalf of BB

The DSN vans were brought for 25000 each

To pay for photos session, slogan and candies

Media and press were happy for their share

We looked energetic and blissful…

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When morning comes

Engulfed in darkness
Mixed emotions..
Anger, sadness.. tears
Let me hold the pillow against me
Let me say a prayer to my creator
Let me not be bitter but grateful.
Listen to to the winds..
They will blow away the night
And when morning comes
I will live again..

always winnie

There goes Thursday

Apart from the fact that I think I will be dead due to starvation before I get home, there isn’t anything to smile about today. So that’s me..


And now my nostrils can pick the smell of food from all over Nairobi. 😦 😦

always winnie

Four Downsides to Being Single Long Term

I love it

My Female Persuasion


Enjoying the single life is no doubt healthy (you should enjoy every relationship stage) and certainly there are numerous benefits and upsides. Finding happiness and solace in being single only makes you a better candidate for long term love – codependent folks aside. (Some of us can’t bear to be single for longer than two weeks.)

Now – like anything else, there are also downsides.

Looking back on my three-year single life stretch – and I’ve written plenty about it, even here and here – I realize how I conditioned myself to deal with men who for one reason or another, turned out not to be serious candidates. To an extent, a successful dating life requires a “don’t care” attitude. Otherwise, you spend too much time wondering why he or she didn’t call, why they lied, why you didn’t vibe, etc. Major time waster.

So as far as down sides…

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Now to the Americans

Let me say everyone is racist. Including us black people against ourselves but eeerr.. you surpass us.
I don’t know what they have been telling you there but seriously, it is annoying when we have to receive interns from your country and they ask if they can bring pillows with them..
It’s even more annoying to see the shock on some of the whites when they hear parents speaking perfect English.. Wait for this one, the next white person to ask me whether I can speak English will receive a punch.. and not a light one.
Kenya might not be as stable especially with the several attacks but seriously, it’s darn hilarious when you think we are all under attack. Bad news here, Kenya isn’t a ship.. we are like a COUNTRY.. you know large vasts of land?? With many people that can’t be closed up in a mall??
Poverty now, we absolutely have very poor people especially in some parts of the country more than others. We could do with investors and ideas on how to grow businesses but don’t exaggerate it. You also got slums, right?? That’s the same case here. Just that we have a bit more slums than we would like to.
Otherwise, some of you are selfless and your love is intense. Still some of you are racists but whatever..
I love the way you warm up to people (or fake to warm up to people. ) You simply sponsor a kid because you liked them online or adopt one… awww..You appreciate almost everything that is natural.
Finally, I am looking for an American parent to adopt me so that she can understand I can go out with a boyfriend without having to worry herself to death. And oh…  the way you get concerned about small things… like headaches.. I surely won’t mind the attention.
I would say I love your accent bit then, what would I say to Britons??

always winnie

Welcome to Kenya, the poor have no say

CNN just referred to my dearest country as a terror hotbed which was so insulting. You didn’t hear us say that when people were shot in a CHURCH in the U.S, did you??
Well, I would love to correct you. Kenya is a corruption hotbed. Money disappears like in West African magic.. The Integrity center vets a lot of people and are all cleared.. who wants a better country??

I have no political interests whatsoever but I have religious interests. I would love to do what I should. Help the poor, defend the course of widows and do justice to the orphans. Isn’t that what the Bible tells us?? 80% of Kenyans are Christians but darn!!! I think it’s simply the fact that that name is misused. Counterfeit gospel sells like hot cake.. if you want to make money fast, come down here and start a ‘ miracle’ church and.. boom!! You will be rich. Really soon. Cheat those who can’t take you to court and those that can’t afford bribes. You are assured of you freedom.

I simply do not know how I ended up in this country. Sometimes I just want to cry myself out just after watching news. A pastor hit a matatu driver with two passengers. Driver dies. Passenger one dies. One survived. He gets out of his range rover and picks a matatu. Initial statement says it was him driving the car but soon as the news hit the media, he was never in that car. He wasn’t even near town..
Well, I think the Nigerian juju has arrived in Kenya and is working perfectly well. Now, there are even names of those who were in the car ..
I simply do not know how that happened. All I know is that this pastor will walk free soon and his congregation will still be intact on Sunday. I might even decide to attend a service there.. Bribing your way out is always there.
Anyway, hii ni nchi ya kitu kidogo.. so, who to blame??

always winnie

One for the Tanzanians

Apart from having really hard Swahili that has me floating more than the Jamaican language, Tanzanians are rudely polite. How can anybody be so polite??? I have tried to be a good Christian, I have tried to be a good sister, friend and even blogger but really these guys make me look bad…

Almost every statement that they make has two annoying words ‘ naomba’  and ‘tafadhali’. The former is even more annoying than the latter. Tafadhali means please whereas naomba in Kenya is used to mean I pray.. or I beg of you.. why do they keep using them?? It works me up. These guys are also darn lazy. They walk at a slow pace, talk at the same pace and prepare food at the same pace. I can’t simply stand them..

However, these guys give me hope that there is hope in finding romance.. their songs are just great especially by Ali Kiba and Diamond Platinumz. They are just nice Swahili love songs with amazing beats. Coming from Kenya, trust me I have learned to appreciate two things ; good love music and men that can make a woman obey them by just being nice.. just imagine the Tanzania guy saying to a woman
‘ tafadhali mpenzi wangu ntilie chakula’
( please my love serve me some food)
Well, in Kenya the best you get is pathetic Swahili and
‘ sweetie, food iko wapi?? ‘
( sweetie, where is the food?? ).
These Kenyan men handle women like a sack of potatoes especially if you annoy them plus when they try to sing romantic songs…oh dear…there is no hope.

After all said and done, I think I will look for a husband from this side of Africa… Which might be hard because I am Kenyan. Bad manners, being in a rush and pathetic love songs are part of me..

always winnie

Am I really a feminist?

In several occasions, I have found myself in awkward situations where people think am either a lesbian or a feminist. The former is usually even harder to explain but seriously, I have a thing for men not women. On the latter, well.. I don’t even know what exactly that word means just that I ran into it while studying Sociological Theory, the  feminist theory. I didn’t pay much attention to it either.
I am neither of the two. All I know is that women are beautiful inside and out. They are selfless and they deserve a little bit more respect than that is accorded to them. Everyday I watch a pregnant woman and think of my flat tummy that I have worked so hard to attain. I imagine the pinch of watching my flat abs disappear and watching it grow everyday. I log into my instagram account and I can’t help feel insulted over that quote men put so confidently on their walls.
‘ respect pregnant women, it’s not easy to move around carrying evidence that you had unprotected sex’
Everyday as I go to school or go to the shops to pick some milk, I meet a mother carrying their kid on their back to take them home after school. I watch them go crazy when it starts raining and their kids aren’t home yet and the school bus will drop them off anyway.
I watch women daily and I can’t help feel that most times, they get less than they deserve. Less love, respect, time and little of everything that men and children demand. It’s like all a woman does is give, give and the other two take and take.
Men will say women are gold diggers, whores, bitches and the list goes on but hey.. try using your money to buy you that freaking little monster that takes all the energy a woman has.. grows inside her, pees on her, pukes on her, keeps her awake all night, makes her cry and then takes your stupid Surname. Every time he/ she excels, she is yours. When failure finds them, she is a woman’s.
Whores.. really.. I won’t tell on you but I think man whores are more than women..
I could keep the list on but I gotta wake up early tomorrow if the good Lord is gracious to me. Think about this for sometime, will you??

always winnie

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