It has just been this weather and feeling and happenings . The weather has been warm, yet cold.. The sun has been shining and looking friendly yet scorching.. it hurts..

Winds have been blowing harder than they should.. it’s a turn of events.. unexpected.. surprising.. 

One day we have the rains, the other day we have the sun.. and wind.. strong winds that could blow you off.. 

I’ll keep bees.. and hope they don’t ‘sting..’

‘But, won’t they be disturbed? ‘ I ask.

‘No.. I will fence.. You know my younger brother.. your uncle or dad according to traditions? We once threw stones to a hive. Bees attacked us.. we went to the hospital’ 

‘ haha.. why would you do that? ‘ 

‘We were boys you know’ 
Barely 4 days later.. 

Just like the weather.. winds blew.. too strong winds..

Hospital bed.. lying there.  

‘Thanks for visiting.. with your friend.. ‘ 

What?? I can’t stand it.. just like the sun.. it scorches.. hurts.. I don’t want to be there. It’s me.. If you can’t recognize me, who will?? 

Strong winds.. careful not to be swirled and blown away.. Stay strong for all of us. Once they stop sedating you, I will be back and not break down hopefully. 

Get well soon Father.

Life as it is

We all have battles we are fighting on our own.. if lucky, maybe someone is right there fighting it with you.. However, I think most times we are on our own.. 

Times when you wake up from sleep with worries, from bad dreams or memories.. Times you wake up crying and fall asleep on tear soaked pillow.. 

It is how life is.. for me.. well, am not telling.. 

From the depressing thoughts, yesterday I think I finally acknowledged that my taste is dark toned guys.. damn.. 

There’s something alluring on the dark toned guys.. you know like Tyrese Gibson?? You get me ladies, right? Well.. something related to how you can’t say no to dark chocolate? Something like black is beautiful? Captivating?? 

Oh well, weekend is coming up, have fun, take care and go to church please.

Live life a day at a time.. It is how it is and supposed to be lived as.

Stuck in traffic posts

Hmm.. it has been ages since I was stuck in traffic. I happen to live an area where traffic is very very light but today am headed to my ‘mum’s’. Traffic here is crazy.

I might as well as update y’all what I have been up to. For starters, I was at the British High Commission Kenya on the day the royal wedding was taking place..  I even took a photo with one of those Britons.. (spoiler alert, I never got the photo sent to me). That’s not the best bit though.. 

The food was the deal. I have no idea how it concerns us on the prince getting married but well, it does. The food served by Carnivore was just amazing.. I ate enough meat to last me for a year..

Wait.. how did I get there?? My boss had a stand of alcohol infused sorbets and I spent time talking to Britons on our brand.  And serving too.  We the flavors were old fashioned whiskey, Pina Colada, mohito and we had some gelato that had Baileys.. 

Oh how the guys we just normal ice cream hated us. It was fun.. 

Weird compliments came on my way and even now my cheeks hurt from fake smiling.. Damn.. I hate pretending smiles.. 

Anyway, I never thought I’d ever be hungry until I woke up yesterday thinking I was dying from starvation.. 

Well, maybe the post wasn’t an update.  It was about bragging on how much amazing food I ate.  Wait, is there another prince in that family?? He needs to get married soon. I need more food.. 

Have a blessed week!!!

Live well

In this life, take each day at a time.  Laugh, love, forgive and never give up. 

Keep your hope in God.. 

Blessed weekend


Well, am healthy so no complains, but the mall I hustle at sometimes caught fire and is inaccessible. The insurance guys are still accessing the damage. ;So I am home.. bored and sleepy.

I have been looking around internet for ways to make money online and didn’t come up with anything useful..

The only site I ran into is paidviewpoint or something of the sort and registered.. problem is that probability of earning more than 15 dollars a month is low..

Well, if they promised 15 dollars, it would be okay for me.. that some bit of cash for a few items for my house..

I did join though.. maybe whenever I get to 15 dollars, I’ll be needing that cash..
Here’s the link.. you can join with my link and be in my circle.. a few more dollars won’t harm nobody

Copy that into your browser maybe

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