So God Help me

Of late i’ve become old and cranky not to mention irritable. As i write this i am in one of those moods and am beginning to wonder if am having menopausal symptoms or I have always been like this.

People are annoying the hell of me and am thinking of getting a quiet boring Kikuyu husband and settling down somewhere at the slopes of Aberdares or Mt Kenya. You know i could start farming, hibernate forever and never get out. Alternatively i need to rob a bank and travel the world with earphones and one pair of jeans..
I am not ageing well i believe. I just can’t believe am below 30 because i feel 70.
Later when i get married to my Kikuyu husband, maybe i will write a book on how not to get married after I am done with “Dear Diary”.

In the meantime, pray for me.. My patience is at -3 levels.
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