Am I really a feminist?

In several occasions, I have found myself in awkward situations where people think am either a lesbian or a feminist. The former is usually even harder to explain but seriously, I have a thing for men not women. On the latter, well.. I don’t even know what exactly that word means just that I ran into it while studying Sociological Theory, the  feminist theory. I didn’t pay much attention to it either.
I am neither of the two. All I know is that women are beautiful inside and out. They are selfless and they deserve a little bit more respect than that is accorded to them. Everyday I watch a pregnant woman and think of my flat tummy that I have worked so hard to attain. I imagine the pinch of watching my flat abs disappear and watching it grow everyday. I log into my instagram account and I can’t help feel insulted over that quote men put so confidently on their walls.
‘ respect pregnant women, it’s not easy to move around carrying evidence that you had unprotected sex’
Everyday as I go to school or go to the shops to pick some milk, I meet a mother carrying their kid on their back to take them home after school. I watch them go crazy when it starts raining and their kids aren’t home yet and the school bus will drop them off anyway.
I watch women daily and I can’t help feel that most times, they get less than they deserve. Less love, respect, time and little of everything that men and children demand. It’s like all a woman does is give, give and the other two take and take.
Men will say women are gold diggers, whores, bitches and the list goes on but hey.. try using your money to buy you that freaking little monster that takes all the energy a woman has.. grows inside her, pees on her, pukes on her, keeps her awake all night, makes her cry and then takes your stupid Surname. Every time he/ she excels, she is yours. When failure finds them, she is a woman’s.
Whores.. really.. I won’t tell on you but I think man whores are more than women..
I could keep the list on but I gotta wake up early tomorrow if the good Lord is gracious to me. Think about this for sometime, will you??

always winnie

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