Letting go of a relationship

You sit there and you no longer know what to make out of the relationship you have. The feelings are still there but you feel like you are fighting alone to keep the two of you together.


You hold on until you realize you spend most of your time sad or if you are together with your partner, you still feel incomplete..
Sometimes life isn’t about the battles we win, it is about how we know what to fight for and what to let go of.
Life is the art of mingling letting go and holding on..
Okay? Sometimes just let it go



To the French


Just to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry for the loss and hopefully it’s going to be well in your country.
No human being deserves torture and any human who is involved in such inhumane acts has lost touch with  what makes us human beings.

May all the souls lost rest in peace and may the people find peace and stability soon.  Much love..


Those who helped with my Dissertation

Well, let me just say it is awesome to finish something.. much more if it is a dissertation.
Now, the special people who contributed to that work it is time you come we celebrate the A we got… yaaaay!!!!!!

Grateful to my supervisor who got my work signed for me so that I could beat the school deadline..
I will be forever indebted


When it comes to cheating

I seriously have no energy to get involved with two people at the same time… I always thought this is how every woman feels.. Well.. that might be true partly.. and wrong..
I started looking for reasons why women cheat and apart from those with psychological issues, the only reason a woman will cheat or leave is IF YOU LEAVE A CHANCE FOR ANOTHER MAN TO TREAT HER BETTER..

If she leaves, it isn’t fair to keep pestering her.. you had a chance..


Types of Homosexuality

This came up and I thought it is interesting
Generic Homosexuality
It’s generically imbibed in the individual. It’s inborn and stays through life. Predisposes the individual to homosexuality
Situational Homosexuality
It occurs because of circumstances. Whenever placed in such situation where there is no choice, the individual is compelled into it for example jail, juvenile, boarding facilities
Compulsive Homosexuality
One is forced into it despite resistance. Homos of this type are usually victims especially due to subjugation or sexual trade. It is based on abuse
Discretionary Homosexuality
This is by choice. Those who indulge in it are normal sexually but they do this as an alternative practice or alternative source of income. Sometimes, called recreational because it starts off as fun and eventually become indulgent



Remains of Your Embrace

Just beautiful

The Lefthanded Project

I stroll alone and sand tickle my feet,
The beads bring back the bliss I lost to feel,
The brine seeps in my airless lungs,
While moon smiles down from where it hung.

Nearer the shore I took a step closer,
Soft touch of waves glisten my skin brighter,
Peeling the years off love and suffer,
Wrap of your arms I would not hunger.

As I walk deeper in cold water,
My feet up to my thigh,
And hips up to my spine,
Deliciously covered,
The dark and chill of now only mattered.

If I’d have to stroke a hand
And feel the lone sea bed—
Should it wash away remains of your embrace,
Deepest of salt I’d drown myself meeting with innocence.

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One day when I die


Sometimes I run low. Really low and I just thinking  about my own death..

Maybe one early morning everyone will try to wake me up.. or just assume am sleeping late as usual. Then realize it’s almost lunch and I haven’t had breakfast ( my food is important).. Then realize I haven’t woken up to have my lunch.. Then they will try to wake me up..

Then luckily for me I will have sank into eternal peace.. one day when I die, everything will not matter. My body will just look pale in the casket.. Maybe I will be dressed in an African attire.. I don’t want to wear jeans when am dead anyway..

My spirit will have no idea what’s happening. Or maybe I will find out when I leave my body that I can get to watch people cry over my body..

Maybe I will be able to send a message through a Ghost Whisperer.. maybe.. if she exists..
One day when I die,  I will be in peace.. no pain.. no thoughts and damn it!! No food no badminton.. 😦
That is the saddest part of death by the way..
Luckily I will get to sleep forever


Law Abiding Citizen


Seriously this movie is dope.. I watched some time ago but rewatching it is just as interesting..
if you haven’t watched it lemme give you a peep..
Starts with a happy family.. man, daughter and wife.
man opens.. he is beaten up and stabbed.. wife is stabbed and raped.. daughter killed. Wife dies
Man passes out… whatever happens next is just crazy and gets crazier..
Rewatch it..


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