Bedsitter chronicles

Living alone is amazing… in fact, it’s so amazing that cooking doesn’t happen… most times bread and milk comes in handy.. well, to balance the diet, add a mango.. balanced diet is important.. right? 

Saturday night.. I get home with 4 eggs, milk and bread.. sorted? Right? 

I boil the eggs as I take a shower… not all eggs.. maybe 3.. breakfast gotta be taken too you know.. 

I trot around naked feeling amazing.. I switch off the gas.. slip into my night dress.  Devour 3 eggs and 2 slices of bread.   I can’t eat too much… the rest of the bread is lunch and breakfast.. 

Simple life.  Eh? 

7:30 a.m.. hunger pangs wake me up.. my alarm is supposed to go off at 7:48 am.. 

I get up fully awake unlike the days alarm wakes me up.. 

I head directly for food… brushing teeth later.. food is a basic need.. brushing teeth on the other hand..

The sight that greets me however.. am just weeping… the small ugly black ants… am gonna kill each of them.. one by one . Am gonna be laughing like a maniac as I tear their heads off their small evil bodies.. 

Am going to be laughing and crying moaning my meal… Evil evil evil things.. May your souls never find rest.. 

All good people

I have met mean people.. I have met ungrateful people and I have definitely met people who want to take advantage of me..

But beyond all those, I have met good people . Whose heart’s purity you can smell from miles away.. who will want to do something nice to you in return of anything you helped them with.. Yes.. the kind of people you just tell it’s okay.. they don’t have to do anything.. just saying thank you is enough.. they are free to go and not feel indebted.. The sort of people you just want to hold close. 

To me, those people are in all races.. my friends.  Close friends.. Then there’s this amazing Sudanese woman..  I find myself hoping that nobody will take advantage of her heart.. and whoever does, may they rot in hell..

This American woman.. oh dear.. this one needs an extra guardian angel.. she is too good for her own good .

Finally is this Mexican guy.. I haven’t seen anyone so determined to be nice to the world.  At times even I think he is stupid.. Am sure one day he gonna hurt so bad.. the world doesn’t deserve him..

I just want to shout out to all those good people.. those I have met and those I haven’t.. You make the world a better place.. Don’t let this world strip you of your goodness.. keep the candles on.. You are what makes this place worth living in.. 

Keep being good

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