Dear single ladies (with morals)

Well, dear ones this is how you know Satan has taken up your case personally because his demons have failed to lure you into helping someone’s husband cheat; he sends more than 4 married men on your back within two weeks..

Unbelievable, right? Well, story of my life..  I have been lucky with two of them because they were darn ugly and I really felt for their wives… it should be on the billboards all over the world.. YOU CAN’T BE UGLY AND STILL WANT TO CHEAT!!!

Unluckily, it isn’t. Well, the game has been upped.. the next guy is good looking, a smooth liar. And well, I am a sucker at refusing to go out with a guy with a great height.. coffee it is.

I go home thinking maybe finally,  I have left the unmarriage-able likes of Madge Naomi and Debz just to mention a few..
When I get home I get a text.
Well, that guy..
Followed by a call. Guess what? Did he change into a woman??

‘Did he tell you he is married?’ She asks..

‘Well, he is.. ‘

Wow.. the following day I get a text..
‘Hi Winnie’…
I am tempted to text ‘get ye behind me Satan’ but am calm enough to text
‘Now who is this? You or your wife?’

He doesn’t text back..
I have always sworn that I won’t help someone cheat on his wife.. some woman who loves the bastard who ain’t worth it.. it causes unnecessary pain, first to me as a single woman, to innocent kids and to the wife..
It ain’t worth anything..

Apparently, the devil is working really hard to break this one..

A really good looking guy, married with two kids…
Damn.. Do men always come as a package? Nkt..

Anyway, dear single ladies who got morals, if he cheats on his wife with you, he will cheat on you with another one..
Join me in this prayer and let’s get real intercessors not the likes of Lalyne..

Do not lead us to temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thy is the kingdom, the power and the glory.. amen

As for guys who can’t keep a word, don’t get married.. be single your entire life.
The damage you do is irrevocable.

Finally I have taken up a new relationship status..


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