4 am thoughts

Some few minutes to 4. I crave 2 things.. One is ginger tea.. The other is out of reach.. I am out of processed ginger so am settling to just grating some..

My thoughts are as clear as they can be and for once, i try to redirect them to a few positive things that i have seen happen in this country from the people to the people..

Yesterday, they aired a story on people whose houses were demolished and Kenyans went ahead to ask for numbers to reach out to that woman sleeping out in the cold with her kids.. This is not the only positive thing…. While corrupt and selfish people are fattening themselves with the food meant to help the needy, there are those digging into their pockets to help.

My friend for instance… I told him we would need to reach out.. He reminds me to remind him when we are visiting and it awes me every time… Then of course there are so many people that are just willing to give that it depresses me not one of them wants to vie for any leadership seats..

Finally there is my woman crush who reaches out to battered women.. who does whatever she can to help those suffering in the hands of those who should be loving them.. She does need funding but you will not hear her complain… Some people deserve too much respect..

Anyway, before my thoughts slip back into negativity, i will just try to catch some sleep. One day i will tell the world that the positivity in this country surpasses the negativity, but as of now, we are too far from home..

Keep safe.

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