Annoying humans

I am really pissed off at this hour but I hope everyone is really okay.
I don’t know what went wrong with humans but people will have to understand you will always get back what you give.
Just give me a smile and definitely I will smile back. Be nice and definitely I will be awesome.. Seriously negative attitude?? Towards me? Okay… it makes me have a hard time breathing.

Today I have had a wonderful day. I laughed like crazy and made fun of life with a few friends I recently made. I was in great moods until it was time to leave and as usual there should be a woman release us and makes sure we don’t leave with anything.
We patiently wait for her for more than thirty minutes and hope she will come and say sorry.
How wrong would we be…

She comes in and says
Open ya bags, or aren’t you planning to leave??

I almost pass out on my seat..

It’s only natural reaction to tell her
‘ no, we are just waiting to see you’

Unlucky for me. She hears it.

‘ are you being rude?? ‘ she asks me directly
I have to bite my tongue from telling her am being as polite as she was but then I might get in trouble so I opt for

‘ did you just hear yourself??  We have been here for all the hours and what did you just say¿’

She isn’t as pleased and threatens to keep us longer tomorrow.

I hope she tries to do that because I am game for creating trouble. It is her job to release ladies. She should get the right attitude to let her survive and do her freaking job.. Why are human beings so annoying?


How Daily Gratitude Brings Love Your Way

Empowerment Coach Suzie

daily-gratitude-loveWe often hear that we should have an attitude of gratitude and although that’s not bad advice we don’t always feel so grateful, particularly when it comes to our love lives. I know I find it hard to be grateful for my experiences, especially when things don’t go so well with someone I’m dating, which is why I’ve taken up writing in a daily gratitude journal. By remembering how lucky I am and how much I really do have to be grateful for, I quickly realize that it’s not about the bad experiences in my life, it’s about the lessons learned and moving forward in a positive direction. Scientists have found that writing down at least 5 things you’re grateful for each day actually helps you be happier about your life. Easy? Not one bit. Possible? Sure it is, but it takes time and a change of perspective. Today we celebrate

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If someone decides they’re not going to be happy, it’s not your problem. You don’t have to spend your time and energy trying to cheer up someone who has already decided to stay in a bad mood. Believe it or not, you can actually hurt people by playing into their self-pity.
Joyce Meyer


If you love

After endless arguments with one of my greatest friends, he came into a conclusion, (which I lied that I agree with)
That if you love someone, you can’t hurt them because hurting them hurts you..

Well, it makes sense but I think (you are free to ignore this, love matters is my worst topic and once my sociology of deviance lecturer said I need to get serious)
Those that hurt us the most are the people we love. And those we hurt most are those we love.

Sometimes even telling the truth to those you love hurts them.

Have a loving Super Saturday.
❤ ❤


I #vote @Kidscompcamp


Let’s hope a few of you will read this.
Kids comp camp is a simple movement by volunteers to educate kids in the rural Kenya on computer use.  They fund themselves on every penny and now there is a great chance by Microsoft to grant them $50,000 to keep doing the good work.
There is a catch though, they have to be voted on social media ie instagram, facebook and twitter.
This is simple
Just tweet, update on fb or on instagram
I #vote @kidscompcamp #UpgradeYourWorldKe
Anybody can vote from any country. Just please copy paste that part and have it on your social media wall
Well, while at it you could follow me on twitter @winchegew or request me on fb Chege Winnie W.
Instagram can be discussed. ❤

always winnie

About the future


This has been one year that I watched myself go crazy. It is in this same year that I got lost and for one flash I thought maybe I could get married.
Funny, right??
Well, am lucky that it is in this same year that I realize that I can seriously go mad if I don’t watch myself.
Two days ago something happened. It just woke me up. In my madness, I was actually considering a baby..Oh my!! Like my own baby. Whatever happened just made me realize a baby ain’t a doll that I can’t get rid of whenever I want. It is there to stay.
December is approaching soon and I hope that I will be graduating. I don’t know where I was rushing to.. I haven’t even graduated.

I have finally decided to sit and think what it is I want. In thinking, I went through next year’s offers in scholarships in a masters in cultural studies and other sociology related courses and I can’t help cross fingers hoping that when the results are out, they will be generous enough to land in second upper class.
This has been a turn of thoughts because I haven’t considered going back to school but now I am. I just guess am maturing up.. maybe..
I also want to move around a lot within and without the country and having any relationships that will tie me down isn’t in my list. I think I will just keep roaming in the country as I have in the past years for my studies and sports until I think age is catching up with me.

Soon as the teachers are out of strike, I will be going to conduct my little research then maybe I will know what to do next. I just hope to get a job that will keep me on the road until I can’t take it anymore.. 🙂

always winnie


I am woken up by the a knock at the door. Am surprised that it’s already morning. I feel like I just got to bed.
It’s 8:40 in the morning. I have been asleep for 15 hours.

I look around my room. It looks strange. I feel strange. I am tired and my back hurts.
The knock comes again. I weakly push the blankets away and sit on my bed. My head feels heavy. I reach under the bed and pull my slippers.
Trying to stand, I feel the room going round. I think it will pass but then it doesn’t. I support myself against the wall. I can feel myself loose balance.
I give up trying.  I can hear the knocks getting louder as I weakly let myself into bed again

always winnie

He could be a male witch for all I know

She is a witch
This is a common phrase.. what of he is a witch??

I am sitting at the benches in main campus waiting for a friend so that we can do some work. I have nothing to do in the meantime. As usual it is my phone that will entertain me. I play the farm saga game for a few minutes and get bored. I look at the funny videos and they no longer look funny, then my phone vibrates in a second. Nothing displays. I think I imagined it.
But then my phone was just there in my hands. I think I am going crazy. I check for new messages.. nothing..
Missed calls.. nothing.
Maybe I am hallucinating.
I call my friend and she says she is twenty minutes away. I can’t believe her. Anger flashes in my heart and I think of going home. It makes no sense.
I sit there. I open my true caller app and that’s when I realize I am okay.
In my blocked call list, I have 21 missed calls and one message. I open it. The numbers are all familiar. Around 10 calls are from  guy who followed me in campus. Am not worried about those. It is the other 11 that worry me because they are backed up by a creepy text.


I seriously have no idea what will happen in September nor do I know what will happen in October, but this text makes me think I just met a  male witch. Time to church now!!!

always winnie

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