Family matters

It’s after much thought, much listening and much observing that I have decided to put up this post to just appreciate my family for;

1. Love

Am surrounded by brothers who love me, a mother whose love knows no boundaries, an uncle who would go through  fire for me, an auntie who feeds me to death and another uncle who hugs me like am still a young girl.. My sisters.. who idolize me.. I just don’t think I appreciated them enough until I heard one of the girls I know, who is almost 30 years of age saying her brother hit her.. and their mother watched. It opened my eyes to how much ignorant I am. My brothers always defend me. Nobody dare raise a hand against me.. they spoil me.. they pet me.. I can’t explain it. I just always thought that that’s how  brothers treat their sisters.. my mum defends me.. even when my brother dare joke about me.. My aunt almost went crazy when someone made a negative comment.. my eyes are wide open now at how much love surrounds me.

2. Support

I can’t remember when I wasn’t supported ever.  Well, am aware of this for some time.. I got friends whose family behave like they don’t exist. All complaining and whining I have ever done sounds like crap right now. Am a spoilt brat. I just didn’t realize it 

3. Discipline

Well, did I ever tell you my mum was an army woman?? My aunt a noisy one.. that woman can lecture you continually for hours. I always watched not to step on their toes.  To respect my uncles and not cross boundaries. My mum always made it clear if I ever got pregnant, she would see to it that I got the baby and raised it well.. This is something I think parents should instil. Well, my brothers never went untouched. I remember when a family friend’s teen got pregnant and my younger brother got toasted for it and he wasn’t even responsible for it. My mum was ready to use his campus fee.. I have never laughed so hard in my life. We always were told on how to live and relate with others. 

I am one not in support of abortion. If we are preserving trees, shouldn’t we preserve human life?? I just realized how much that was important when a friend’s sister was helped by the mother to get rid of 7 month’s pregnancy.The women crying out there for just one kid.  Just one.. 

I feel bad.. 

And I feel unappreciative of my family.. Day in day out, as I relate with people, it opens my eyes on how ignorant I have been of the good gifts that God has bestowed me with.. How could I have been so blind?? 

I don’t want to dwell on it.. I just want to go out of my way to appreciate my family.. 
Maybe think of this too?? Have a blessed weekend.. 


Saturday issues

I think of calling one of my friends.. well, not to check on her but to ask her not to use my coconut oil that was brought from Coast by another friend.
Before I could call her, she calls me and in my mind I think we might be twins in the parallel world.. who knows? Maybe we are.
Instead of saying hi, I pick and say ‘please don’t tell me you have used my coconut oil’
She is quiet for a moment and then tells me to shut my basket mouth.. mean mean friend..
‘well, am calling to tell you that our mutual friend was drugged in a bus’ she says..
‘What friend?’
‘The one whose coconut oil you can’t stop yapping about’
I almost drop my phone. The friend in question is one of the few friend I have. She is from the Coast of Kenya, one of the most beautiful places in the country and is an aweso awesome cook.
‘Is she okay? What happened?? How?’

‘Please shut up.. she woke up in the hospital. She couldn’t speak but she is better. All her stuff was stolen,’

Oh no.. I feel totally bad for not asking if she got to Mombasa safely. I am a horrible friend.

‘Some guy offered her a biscuits. She refused. He insisted. She picked one and doesn’t remember a thing. She woke up in the hospital’

Oh no.. my friend makes a joke of warning us on being too friendly and accepting stranger’s food.
When she hangs up, I call up my other friend. She doesn’t pick but she chats me up on Whatsapp. She is weak but I am so grateful she is alive. Something worse could have happened.

Soon as am done speaking to her, the manager of the shop we have a stand in comes by.
‘Have you talked to Divya?’

No.. not yet. I reply.

In my mind I have no intention of talking to her concerning a job. Because, well, it’s the same manager who has an obsession on my boobs, who is trying to hook me up with a new job. I can’t owe him favors. I have no intentions whatsoever of letting him get close to my boobs. The fact that he wants me working under him makes me more determined to stick to my stand.

‘Well, if I were you I’d talk to Divya. Your stand will probably be gotten rid of.’

Well, if Saturday hasn’t been full of news.
I might go jobless, but my trust is God.. so pray for me, will you?


This is the Psalm of David, which he spoke after God delivered him from the hand of Saul.. 

And this Psalm I will sing to The Most High, for getting me off from the wrong path and giving His precious son that I may be part of them that inherit the Kingdom. 

Psalms 18:1-3 I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.


As we are forgiven

Well, honestly forgiving is hard.. however am learning as am learning to be a better person.. despite being pushed to limits, I dared not sat the bitch word to a colleague..
Too much.. right? Am only learning on applying Christian values.. to pray and read my bible..

Honestly I thought am a better person until someone at work said my hair looks like ‘takataka’. Taka is Swahili for garbage.. so my hair to her does look like garbage.. 

I couldn’t really believe that. My hair is natural so means unruly and extreme curls. I don’t do salons because it’s too much pain and to be honest am at times too broke or with too much responsibility to get my hair done.. so I let it run wild. 

I couldn’t believe it.. honestly I couldn’t.. am still not in terms with whatever she said but as a learning Christian and who is bound to pray for forgiveness, I got forgive.. 

So God help me.. 

It’s extremely unfair how judgemental humans are.  Well, include me there.. just today am on the receiving end.. unfair humans.  

Well, Kenyan girls are big on old white men.. not all of us but honestly the trend has everyone thinking we are all the same.. bad, right? Being approached by someone older than your father… it’s scary.  Makes me want to see a psychologist on the old guy’s behalf.. 

Well, today I am sitting in a matatu as I type this. An old white guy is sitting next to me and I can feel the entire bus population staring at me.. questioning me silently.. I have tried to distance myself by plugging in my earphones.  Still, not enough.  

Well, am listening to Hope FM and am honestly waiting to get home soon.. where is this old guy going to in the heart of Kiambu county?? Smh.. 

Lemme listen to my Christian station hete..

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