The year so almost here…
Don’t blame me for not being super excited. Am grateful though.

So as you celebrate the dawn of a
< new year,
in church be blessed.
In bed, sleep tight.
In clubs.. you may lose your phone and spend your cash but don't drink and drive.

You all.. keep safe.
I wish every other friend blessed 2017.
(Team bed let's get going. Goodnights!!! <3)

Last Friday of the year

Am a darn tired today. Yet, I can’t help reflect on the year that is almost fully faded.

Life has been tough. Yes, I have made decisions that cost me. I have let go of people who though I miss at times, I don’t regret doing so.
I have lost old and made new friends. I would love to say life has been pure bliss but that would be a total lie.
I have been floored. At a loss. Life has walked over me. A few tears here and there. Sometimes sitting feeling the wind against my face.. staring at far places with so many wishes in my heart.. sometimes just feeling lost.
I have wished to disappear amongst people but nothing happened..

I have learned that I dislike being amongst many people. They make me so tired.. so many things.

I  could keep on about life but above all I sit and think of God’s grace. My father in heaven.  His grace has been so sufficient that even when floored, I have found encouragement. Even when lost, I have been found.
I can’t say how much I have gained or lost in the year 2016 but I can confidently say

  ‘God you are gracious to me. In my hour of need, I called you and you answered me. When I found no reason to go on, your voice whispered encouragement to my discouraged heart. You surely are a good Father. Nobody compares to you.’

#KCSE 2016

It is to our surprise the 2016 results for secondary schools have been announced. Normally, they are announced on February but well, the CS Education Dr Fred Matiang’i is full of surprises.

The results look real. Most students have failed. There are only 141 As in the whole country which is yet another surprise. There are so many Ds that I wonder what will happen.
The best news though is that out of the top 20 students in the country, 16 are girls. Awesome.. I know.. you can all move to Kenya.

I was so excited about that until some guy [I am biting my tongue not to say idiot here], said that he is saddened by the results… the boy child is under siege and lots of crap.. I did say a prayer not to react..

Girls haven’t been leading and I haven’t heard anyone comment.. then this?? Seriously???
I can’t sit still. Am soo annoyed right now..

Anyway, those girls who did us proud.. go girls go!!! Don’t listen to any male chauvinist or idiot..
Just keep doing this and our country is headed somewhere.. 🙂

Dear Foreigners

Hi. I am an African. Now, we love when you come to visit Africa. It’s good for our economy. We will sell you everything above the normal prices.. but there is a problem we need to address.

Africa is kinda of a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY.
So when you are visiting, will you please please not say you are going to AFRICA??
Say something like Kenya in Africa or Algeria in Africa or Tanzania in Africa..
Otherwise you have me suicidal.

Oh.. and please feel comfortable to not carry bedding.
We have some here. Comfortable, clean and nice smelling.

I almost killed one of you who asked if they could bring a pillow.
Good day and Karibu Kenya in Africa

Christmas in my village

I hope none of the people who read this post think am raised in a city… wrong thoughts.
I am a villager and a good villager.

Christmas is usually one of those long awaited days in my village. Well, we don’t have santa that we are waiting for yet we still wait for it for different reasons.

Christmas is the day that you can sleep all you want especially if you ain’t cooking. Normally, we villagers don’t have much time to sleep even on Sundays. We got cows to feed, we got church to attend.

Food. I still don’t know how this isn’t number 1.
Don’t get me wrong, we do have food in the village.  But come Christmas..
Chapati is a must. Lot’s of meat unless those times when we are awfully broke becausr milk prices and potato prices are so low and fees is still needed in January. Why buy meat when we can pay fees with the money?

As a Kikuyu though, one meal is sacred. That stew that got meat, peas, carrots, meat and POTATOES in it. Added is lots of water. Don’t annoy us by not making that for us.

I don’t know why else we love Christmas (apart from Christians who know the real meaning) because men drink themselves stupid. Some women too.
The local joint is flooding during that time and come evening we can hear our neighbor shout
‘My name is Ndegwa. This is my corner’..
Everything is wrong with his corner. Broken fence, poorly maintained crops and everything else.

Now, for those people who live in the city and are of marriage able age, when they come to my village for Christmas, they must keep explaining to the extended family why they aren’t married yet..

Aunties will be in one place then call you
‘You Winnie’

Yes auntie.
Come here..

That’s when you know trouble is brewing.
‘So, young lady, you look beautiful’ the chosen spokeswoman will say. They all will nod in agreement.  

‘Thank you’
Winnie will say resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

‘So, in Nairobi.. How are the young men?’

‘Auntie you know they are ill mannered. They just don’t know how to treat a woman..’

‘So Winnie, if the men in the city are so bad, why don’t you pick one from here.. you remember Kamau son of Wanyoike.. He lives in town.’
She will suggest.
Winnie will resist the urge to tell them he is a tout in one of the notorious buses in Nairobi. That everyday she sees him, he has a bottle of some brew and a bunch of miraa. His mouth looks like one of a goat.
How he remains clean during the  Christmas season is a miracle

Bullying will continue.
But as for me as one of the villagers. It’s already evening. Christmas is over. I got very hungry cows to feed.

About Christmas

There’s no need of celebrating Christmas if you don’t acknowledge the work of the cross..
What’s the need of keeping Christmas and losing Christ?

Christ is love.

I hope you had a merry one and reached out to those who can’t afford to celebrate..

Blessed is the hand that giveth than the hand that receiveth..

Keep spreading the love, the peace and definitely word about Christ.

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