Let me say everyone is racist. Including us black people against ourselves but eeerr.. you surpass us.
I don’t know what they have been telling you there but seriously, it is annoying when we have to receive interns from your country and they ask if they can bring pillows with them..
It’s even more annoying to see the shock on some of the whites when they hear parents speaking perfect English.. Wait for this one, the next white person to ask me whether I can speak English will receive a punch.. and not a light one.
Kenya might not be as stable especially with the several attacks but seriously, it’s darn hilarious when you think we are all under attack. Bad news here, Kenya isn’t a ship.. we are like a COUNTRY.. you know large vasts of land?? With many people that can’t be closed up in a mall??
Poverty now, we absolutely have very poor people especially in some parts of the country more than others. We could do with investors and ideas on how to grow businesses but don’t exaggerate it. You also got slums, right?? That’s the same case here. Just that we have a bit more slums than we would like to.
Otherwise, some of you are selfless and your love is intense. Still some of you are racists but whatever..
I love the way you warm up to people (or fake to warm up to people. ) You simply sponsor a kid because you liked them online or adopt one… awww..You appreciate almost everything that is natural.
Finally, I am looking for an American parent to adopt me so that she can understand I can go out with a boyfriend without having to worry herself to death. And oh…  the way you get concerned about small things… like headaches.. I surely won’t mind the attention.
I would say I love your accent bit then, what would I say to Britons??

always winnie