Is it warm?

I sit bored at Lavington mall terrace. I am supposed to be selling gelato but customers aren’t around.. well, there’s always candy crash.. that’s what am doing..
I waste all lives and start checking out the ‘Gelato Messina’ page and can’t help wish that our creative team is as creative as theirs.. well.. not.. Am staring at their coconut gelato
‘Hi! What flavours do you have today?? Am looking for something tangy’
‘Lemon it is’ I reply.

‘I’ll have a scoop of lemon and some salted popcorns’ she says and finds hetself a seat..
Soon as am done serving her, someone else comes in. She isn’t like any of our customers and she speaks Swahili.

‘Hi. What can I get you?’ I ask with a fake smile as I think to myself on how creased my cheeks might be due to fake smile.

She hands me a paper. Its written ‘caramel’ on it.

‘ We don’t have that one’ I tell her in Swahili.

I ask her for her boss’s number and calls her.
‘Hi. This is Fior di Latte,you ordered a scoop of caramel. Am sorry we are out of that. Can I get you a scoop of Tiramisu?’
She agrees
Soon as I start scooping on the tiramisu, the girl is on my back.. ‘Why were you calling my boss. Ain’t that the same one you gave me last time?’
‘No ma’am.It’s different’ I reply in Swahili.

I try handing it to her and she demands I warm it. Well, the customer with lemon gelato chokes on hers.. she has been joined by a friend and 2 kids who also wants to order.

I try to lower my voice and tell her that it’s okay as it is but she is adamant. Plus it makes her feel good to order me, I suspect.
‘Warm it’ she insists..
The customers can’t maintain straight faces. Am also trying so hard and my eyes are tearing up.

I just can’t look at her.

The lady customer finally has a straight face and tells her ‘It’s warm enough. If you don’t get it home in 10 minutes it will have gone bad and your boss won’t like it’

‘ oh’ is all she replies as she takes off.

Soon as she is out of there, I laugh then later feel bad for her.. Her boss ought to treat her out

‘Thou shall not kill

Every other time I hear Kenyan news, the novel ‘Cry Vengeance’ comes into my mind and I have to continually recite the commandment ‘thou shall not kill’.
Cry Vengeance is about a cop ‘Brenda Blinkman’ who investogates deaths of rapists.. With her is a journalist who follows up the story. Every other time a rapist is set free ( the system is freaking rotten); he ends up dead. Brenda and other cops can’t seem to get any evidence.
How is that similar? Rape cases in Kenya have become rampant. From hospitals, to National secondary schools to primary schools. Do we see any man castrated or hanged or behind bars? No… definitely not. The media follows it up and at some point tires. When the police realize media is off their backs, they take a bribe and go their way rejoicing.  

Women are hurt.. kids are hurt.. high school girls are hurt.  Nothing happens. This makes me wish I could just cry vengeance.. 

You know why they never caught the killer? Because Brenda the lead cop was the killer. Nobody deserves rape.. especially not a 9 year old.  And it’s frustrating to see nothing being done.. 

I honestly need to move to another country.  The madness in this country is killing me. I really need to see God work in a better way . 😦

About Father’s Day

Well, today was father’s day.. 

For a few past years, I have wished my father  a happy one.. but then this year, I have come to accept that he is gone. If I write or not write, it makes no difference to him. 

In realizing that, I have also decided the only father I’d appreciate is ‘our Father art in Heaven’. I just give thanks. 

I’ve seen people wish their mothers happy father’s day but I just let it slip. My mother raised me as a mother would. Through and through. All I can do is appreciate her for being an amazing father. 

I sat down and reflected. I concluded that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t forge a relationship with any man that ain’t my brother. It is not in me. Don’t get me wrong, am no lesbian at all but just you know..

To me this father’s day will just be another day for me. I’ll wish my brothers a good father’s day.. that’s all.. wait.. maybe remember a few insults and smile as I go my way planning on how to adopt a cat when I hit 30. 

In case you are wondering, one shameless idiot once said that his father told him to never marry a woman raised by a woman.. I just couldn’t believe my years.. It’s depressing when most of my filtered messages in my Facebook is from him asking to meet up. 

Men.. smh.. you are a topic I don’t know if I want to pursue at whatever level. Probably keep chilling until and just see what happens?? 

Happy father’s day to any father around here. Cheers!!

Life problems

Sometimes I sit down and think am emotionally unstable.. The main emotions that operate within me are total annoyance or I really want to just be left alone.. 

People giving negative comments about me or picking on me is annoying me to levels I can’t also understand.. Just want them out if my life.  Problem is when they are family.. 

Well, I sit and know the only balance I have is God. If I didn’t take that in consideration, I honestly ain’t bothered by any doings.  

I seriously do need a shrink.. wait.. my best friend is one and that woman is just gonna make me mad eventually.. 

Anyway, I try my best not to be mean to people.   I have to remind myself not to give negative comnents and stuff.. .. 

Why was I writing this post again? Hopefully write something sober soon.. 🙂

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