letting go

i love the irony of the advice that is given in relation to letting go. Is it me or we all give the advice that we rarely make use of? I seriously think we {i] should make use of what we say..



Oh my weak heart

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i have realized that my heart is really weak and this is damn worrying for me.. Well, i know there are the likes of Dennis who will start rejoicing thinking that i might die soon but am sorry to them. My heart is weak.. Emotionally. NOT PHYSICALLY.

I dont think that emotions have ever killed anyone so i bet i am totally safe. I realized i can’t be mean and mean it if you understand what am trying to say. it haunts me like crazy. I can’t just be mean to people who mean something to me and simply let it go. It is rally annoying especially when i know that at times they do deserve it. Oh my weak heart.. you are going to kill me slow. and you will enjoy the ride because this world does not deserve you. You are too good for this world. Quit being so weak and stand. Watch others bleed as they have watched you.

Oh dear weak heart why do you do this to yourself?

Amongst my new year’s resolution was trying to a better Christian.. Because I have been failing and have failed before..
So the year starts. It’s amazing.. I am praying for better relationships with people.. Staying in peace.. to seek it..
Weeks.. it’s like am happy. Am ditching all meaningless relationships in my life. Am avoiding people who pull me back.. and am making progress.

I am off to writing reports for my part time job. I do three days for about 50 bucks.
I am making progress  really fast and getting on with my life. Pay time.. through mobile money.
It’s 20 dollars less.
I just can’t believe it.
I call my boss. She says her boss said so and asks if I can go talk..
I am bored and get there feeling all angry.
I have to hold myself because I might have a crazy mouth when I get angry..
i  look at the woman blubbering apologies trying to sound nice. I have to literally bite my tongue and fold fists tight to avoid talking..
When I leave, I am angry but surprised all I said is
‘Next time you call me, state the pay’

Valentines is Coming up

Well, who thought the year could fly by so fast? Obviously not me!!!
Last years valentines was spent in bed and a blog post went up about it. Well, nothing romantic of course. I was in bed alone. After writing about my expectations about the man I would eye, one of my main enemies Dennis predicted that I would be in bed even on the following year’s Valentines.
Fast forward 2016
Valentines is up in a few days.. I definitely look older and eerr.. am sure people like to have their predictions right.
I however already got something red already ( I ain’t saying what). And the day might be spent very well with someone who I ain’t naming either.. and am hoping it will be fun.

Now, let’s hope everyone got great plans or should start hooking up singles?

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