Apart from having really hard Swahili that has me floating more than the Jamaican language, Tanzanians are rudely polite. How can anybody be so polite??? I have tried to be a good Christian, I have tried to be a good sister, friend and even blogger but really these guys make me look bad…

Almost every statement that they make has two annoying words ‘ naomba’  and ‘tafadhali’. The former is even more annoying than the latter. Tafadhali means please whereas naomba in Kenya is used to mean I pray.. or I beg of you.. why do they keep using them?? It works me up. These guys are also darn lazy. They walk at a slow pace, talk at the same pace and prepare food at the same pace. I can’t simply stand them..

However, these guys give me hope that there is hope in finding romance.. their songs are just great especially by Ali Kiba and Diamond Platinumz. They are just nice Swahili love songs with amazing beats. Coming from Kenya, trust me I have learned to appreciate two things ; good love music and men that can make a woman obey them by just being nice.. just imagine the Tanzania guy saying to a woman
‘ tafadhali mpenzi wangu ntilie chakula’
( please my love serve me some food)
Well, in Kenya the best you get is pathetic Swahili and
‘ sweetie, food iko wapi?? ‘
( sweetie, where is the food?? ).
These Kenyan men handle women like a sack of potatoes especially if you annoy them plus when they try to sing romantic songs…oh dear…there is no hope.

After all said and done, I think I will look for a husband from this side of Africa… Which might be hard because I am Kenyan. Bad manners, being in a rush and pathetic love songs are part of me..

always winnie