Four Downsides to Being Single Long Term

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Enjoying the single life is no doubt healthy (you should enjoy every relationship stage) and certainly there are numerous benefits and upsides. Finding happiness and solace in being single only makes you a better candidate for long term love – codependent folks aside. (Some of us can’t bear to be single for longer than two weeks.)

Now – like anything else, there are also downsides.

Looking back on my three-year single life stretch – and I’ve written plenty about it, even here and here – I realize how I conditioned myself to deal with men who for one reason or another, turned out not to be serious candidates. To an extent, a successful dating life requires a “don’t care” attitude. Otherwise, you spend too much time wondering why he or she didn’t call, why they lied, why you didn’t vibe, etc. Major time waster.

So as far as down sides…

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