Welcome to Kenya, the poor have no say

CNN just referred to my dearest country as a terror hotbed which was so insulting. You didn’t hear us say that when people were shot in a CHURCH in the U.S, did you??
Well, I would love to correct you. Kenya is a corruption hotbed. Money disappears like in West African magic.. The Integrity center vets a lot of people and are all cleared.. who wants a better country??

I have no political interests whatsoever but I have religious interests. I would love to do what I should. Help the poor, defend the course of widows and do justice to the orphans. Isn’t that what the Bible tells us?? 80% of Kenyans are Christians but darn!!! I think it’s simply the fact that that name is misused. Counterfeit gospel sells like hot cake.. if you want to make money fast, come down here and start a ‘ miracle’ church and.. boom!! You will be rich. Really soon. Cheat those who can’t take you to court and those that can’t afford bribes. You are assured of you freedom.

I simply do not know how I ended up in this country. Sometimes I just want to cry myself out just after watching news. A pastor hit a matatu driver with two passengers. Driver dies. Passenger one dies. One survived. He gets out of his range rover and picks a matatu. Initial statement says it was him driving the car but soon as the news hit the media, he was never in that car. He wasn’t even near town..
Well, I think the Nigerian juju has arrived in Kenya and is working perfectly well. Now, there are even names of those who were in the car ..
I simply do not know how that happened. All I know is that this pastor will walk free soon and his congregation will still be intact on Sunday. I might even decide to attend a service there.. Bribing your way out is always there.
Anyway, hii ni nchi ya kitu kidogo.. so, who to blame??

always winnie

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