The wind feels amazing against my face… freedom… happiness… A bump though brings me back to reality .. I still got a sore ass…
No biggie there… my back doesn’t hurt any longer and I did have a spectacular Saturday .. October I like you… 😉



September 1; the day I celebrate my birthday… and I know I’ve a reason to celebrate it because my battles stated even before I was born… I conquered .. I came into this world… Well, this year I turned 28. It should have been a jolly affair. I planned on treating myself… and stuffing myself with cake later… Well, my jolly moods only went up to 9 a.m. .  

I received a call.. I had stolen. Whatever I stole, I have no idea… coming from the entire world would have meant nothing… Coming from where am raised hurt like a bitch… Hence started my September woes…  

The month had me rubbing my heart so many times to soothe away pain… It might have worked because the September controller decided to take the pain a notch high by having me fall down stairs… I still have a black patch on my ass, on my stomach and my back hurt like crazy a few days ago… I have had months, years, days… but September 2018 kinda wins… all am glad about is that it’s over and I am wary of October… All I want is peace.. 
Have a blessed month!!

On marriage

There’s something about broken marriages that makes me soo sad.. people who loved each hating each other… it’s so sad

I’ve never been married, neither has there been divorce in my family that I know of, yet it still gets to me. 

People inflicting pain on each other .  On kids.. on those around them.. I just sit and wish that both parties would be willing to fight and have the marriage work.. 

Before divorce happens, one person  has to have given up fighting. The partner is then left to chase the wind.. once they are tired, it falls apart..

I hope everyone married out there will fight as much as they can to have the marriage work.. unless you got married hoping to fail


Lights always look good on dusty road… always.. At the sides of the road are trees and live fences.. The sun is long gone. It’s 9 p.m. East African time.
The small shops at the roadsides are still open.. I quickly buy 3 eggs and head home… I will quickly shower and sleep.. Food will wait until morning.

The only people on the road are guys and kiosk women carrying babies on their backs and the remainder vegetables  on their sides.. They look tired.. 

Am almost home when I see a man and a woman standing next to a kid nearby a ditch.. I walk directly to them when I realize the kid is crying.. The side that greets me is heart breaking.. On her hand is a brown bag and a cap.. in the ditch is the owner of the cap.. Her father. He is too drunk to walk. 
‘Give us your mum’s number girl’ the woman is trying to convince her.. The father on the other hand is warning her not to.. She is shaking.. and crying.

Her father tries to rise on his feet and falls. He can’t move.. We all want to pay a motorcycle guy to take her home but she is adamant.. She can’t leave her father..

I look at the guy and all I feel is disgust… The urge to continually hit him is soo high.. This is so wrong. The man and the woman share my sentiments but we can’t beat up a guy with his crying and apparently sick daughter watching.. 
I honestly don’t know what to think. When we agree to get a few policemen, the guy gives up his wife’s number and the kid speaks..

The father is the good guy. He went with her, bought her food and some medicine after her mum said she can die for all she cares.. 

 Am hurt for this girl… I can only imagine her pain … This is unfair.  Soon as the mother arrives, she hustles them to hurry and get home.. She refuses to talk… 

We stand there and watch them leave with the girl… it’s raw pain.. it’s nothing I can comprehend..

It’s 9:45 East African time when I get home.. Nothing looks as beautiful.. 

Just a post

I am starving… My stomach ain’t amused at the rate which am not cooking… well not tonight though… Food… food.. 
As that thought crosses my mind, I think of guys who are married yet want to sleep with someone else… Poor women.  The blames you are getting.. come get your husbands. 
One guy says his wife has neglected him sexually.. This is an ultimate fool.. ( guys get me here.. this line never works.. maybe it once did, but but now it doesn’t).. What am I supposed to think??  Am relieve services??  Talk of insults.. 

Anyhow, the shop am at now has crazy people. You hear of sex more than of sales.. Well,  am still adapting.. ( I will come back with 3some thoughts if the crazy people).. 
I don’t know honestly what to think about.. 

A penny for your thoughts?

‘I really love him. I can’t move on..’
‘She is my everything.. I can’t imagine life without her’..

These are statements I hear and most likely when you ain’t watching, I roll my eyes. Why? It makes no sense to me. 

90% of the time, we ain’t in love.. I’ll talk on behalf of women here.. guys are complicated humans who will camp in your Facebook direct messages for   a year and when you say yes, they leave with better self esteem..
Why don’t we want to move on? The money? The compliments?? What exactly? I think we are as women convincing ourselves it wasn’t one sided… we want it to work somehow. Unless we you wweren’t our first choice.. we settled for you as a plan B. 
Now, mostly when someone talks to me and say they love me, I think to myself, ‘is it me you are kidding or are you kidding yourself?’ In this century, it’s hard to tell.. 

.Do soulmates exist? Movies are such a scam..  they are worse scam than the statement I make on trying harder to be nice .
Someone enlighten me through and through.  Which generation are we in??

Why throw a baby?

I’ll never at whatever time understand unwanted pregnancy apart from rape cases maybe.. so you were having unprotected sex and you expected? A  tv? 
I think it’s the responsibility of two consenting adults to ensure they don’t get pregnant at whatever time. There’s also an uprising generation of men idiots who convince women to get pregnant for them then leave.. what the heck!!

I always wanted to be an Army cadet… Men you can go and give thanks that didn’t happen.. I’d now be beating the crap out of these young men who are the definition of stupidity and irresponsibility… 

Now am worried though, a young baby collected dumped.. alive.  What the heck#!!! There are so many women out there who would raise that baby, please just find them and disappear forever.. 

The kid is harmless… or at least leave it in the hospital. . On the road in July weather?? Where are human instincts?? 

I have no idea what the world is coming to… but am sure it would be solved if the ability to have sex was taken away… 

Go your way rejoicing that I have absolutely no power to do that. If I did have any powers… 

Let’s have a good responsible week… and if you are pregnant and don’t want it, find me… I’ll figure out how to raise human babies.. I’ve raised cat babies.. Humans can’t be that hard now, can they?