S and the city

Before i say anything, i just want to say i love Nairobi.. I really do, but you can only love it when you don’t have an option..

I have been laughing my heart out after someone was swindled around 500k by a ‘lady’ he met in the internet. Well, not him exactly but by the many articles and different comments that have come up after that incident. Twitter of course leads by far the best comments. Ken Ouko always told us in class that everyone is a prostitute; it is only the degree that matters. Some have their fare paid, some lunch, some rent and then there are the special ones who get houses.

It is amusing the way most Nairobi people have nothing to offer past sex. Nothing. Relationships are nowadays based on sex and finances which basically translates to prostitution. All you will find around is comments on getting naked and some shameless boys asking when the lady will give it to them in the most vulgar but somehow amusing way. The sad thing is that they actually mean it.

I am worried about the city of course. The men and the women and the madness surrounding this city. I wonder how we will raise our daughters and our sons.
With or without a governor, we really need some more places to have fun activities without getting naked. We also need your sons to know women also need sex and they are actually giving it to them and they shouldn’t have to pay. So, next time a girl says she loves you and you all engage sexually, just hug her and call her uber without paying.. Also note you will get your ass dumped..

What is wrong with this generatin though? someone older help me.. Was it always like this?

Reflecting on 2019

It is 2 days to 2020. That means for the entire month of January my dates will be 2019 then canceled to 2020.
This year has been tough yet the most peaceful year i have had. Unlike 2018, this year i was dealing with strangers.. There’s no year i have laughed harder.. No year i have had peace.. No year I’ve seen my mum more times than this year.

2019 have really surprised me. I started off by losing my cousin, then my job.. Then a few hitches. I expected to cry. I expected to sink. I expected disappointments. Yet here i am.
As i watch the rains hit the ground, i can’t help feel that i will miss this year apart from a few instances.

I am grateful to all new people i met. I am grateful to the teams I’ve worked with. I am grateful for customers I’ve made. I am grateful for my friends who made sure i laughed every day..

2019 you’ve been beautiful. Please may 2020 be better. May peace, love and laughter follow us to 2020. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.
May we learn to ignore and let go of anyone and anything that costs us our peace. Blessings and have a happy 2020!!!

Christmas mood is here

Christmas 2019..
The year has been beautiful.. With its ups and downs.. Yet, every day the sun rose and set. No amount of hardship makes days stop and finally that time of the year..
Hanging with loved ones, making fun of each other, screaming at each other and above all fighting on who is to cook..

So my family has decided am the easiest target to make fun of.. They also decided am the photographer.. I wouldn’t switch this for anything.
If there’s something I’ve learnt is that nobody sticks closer than family..
Anyway, i got food to cook and people to torture with awful food. Have fun, laugh and be happy. Don’t let worries take this away from you..
What makes Christmas fun for you? Let’s recap on 2019 soon..
Feel loved and spread the love people..

To my family and every other family that has risen..

It is almost 20 years now. He is gone and this day, weirdly enough, we won’t shed a tear. We refuse to mourn what we lost. We will celebrate the battles we have fought. Lost some, won some. God has been good.
20 years…
It only feels like yesterday, when Sam skipped supper to have it for lunch.. When Tim went for manual work so i can have a pair of shoes.. When the humble most of us all had to carry a baby miles and miles away from home so mum can bring home potatoes..
It only feels like yesterday when 3 meals was a luxury we couldn’t afford.. When we watched mum fall and rise.. When nobody wanted to be associated with us and relatives introduced us to their friends as orphans..
It only feels like yesterday when we stood by each other because nobody wanted to stand by us.. When we broke down when somebody was kind to us…
It is just yesterday.
Right now,Tim you have risen, not high as we want you.. Sam you are fine.. We will see better days for you.. The humble most of us, you stand and impart knowledge.. I hope you will go for your masters soon.. Every one of us is at a place better than we were yesterday.. Right now they know our names.. Weirdly enough they actually know our names.. They also know the gate to our home.. We are no longer helpless.. Our battles are no longer about food.. but about who will cook it..

My family, remember how we used to sit and hope? Out there now is a family that sits and hopes. Probably at a worse state than we were..
Remember how mum was always ‘full’ so we could eat her food? Right now there is a mum there ‘full’…Remember how we used to cry when we watched mum cry? Right now it is happening.. There is nothing new under the sun.
I am begging you, please do not forget the impact kindness had on us.. please do not forget how we needed it.. Go out there and just be that kindness that we needed.. And when you do my family, learn their names. Be kind to them. Be that human we needed and never had.

Christmas is all about love.. Spread it. And finally dear fam, keep rising. One day we will create a reminder for the world..

Change of plans

Earlier, i had posted about making this blog about lingerie that am selling, but well.. that won’t happen. You are stuck with me writing once in a while. Might be fiction, might be reality but i really want to keep writing. And we definitely are going to talk about all the madness going around in relationships..
Much love and sorry for changing plans..

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