As we are forgiven

Well, honestly forgiving is hard.. however am learning as am learning to be a better person.. despite being pushed to limits, I dared not sat the bitch word to a colleague..
Too much.. right? Am only learning on applying Christian values.. to pray and read my bible..

Honestly I thought am a better person until someone at work said my hair looks like ‘takataka’. Taka is Swahili for garbage.. so my hair to her does look like garbage.. 

I couldn’t really believe that. My hair is natural so means unruly and extreme curls. I don’t do salons because it’s too much pain and to be honest am at times too broke or with too much responsibility to get my hair done.. so I let it run wild. 

I couldn’t believe it.. honestly I couldn’t.. am still not in terms with whatever she said but as a learning Christian and who is bound to pray for forgiveness, I got forgive.. 

So God help me.. 

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