It’s extremely unfair how judgemental humans are.  Well, include me there.. just today am on the receiving end.. unfair humans.  

Well, Kenyan girls are big on old white men.. not all of us but honestly the trend has everyone thinking we are all the same.. bad, right? Being approached by someone older than your father… it’s scary.  Makes me want to see a psychologist on the old guy’s behalf.. 

Well, today I am sitting in a matatu as I type this. An old white guy is sitting next to me and I can feel the entire bus population staring at me.. questioning me silently.. I have tried to distance myself by plugging in my earphones.  Still, not enough.  

Well, am listening to Hope FM and am honestly waiting to get home soon.. where is this old guy going to in the heart of Kiambu county?? Smh.. 

Lemme listen to my Christian station hete..

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