Playing tennis started off as something I did to annoy my coach in high school because according to him one can’t have a perfect tennis swing and a flexible badminton wrist at the same time. One had to go with time..

Come campus though, tennis playing was fun because I broke all rules since I wasn’t in the team until I had my eye on this guy. Then,  bam!! I got the right shoes, the right outfit and I recall the guy who was after me saying that I had finally gotten some sports spirit finally.. if only he knew..

This tennis guy was something I must say. He just used to pass by my friends and I, just smile as if he knew it was his looks we were drooling at. I started hurrying out of class and my friends started making fun of me and how I would end up getting lost since nobody knew a thing bout the guy ( talk of paranoid)..

I was hooked though. I trained tennis and the coach thought I was good. He even tried to get me to join the team. In my mind I looked forward to the day this guy would say hi but they surely know how to take their time. 
At the verge of giving up, I decided to just go sit in the field and watch the other players play.
That day my crush came to the field late and guess who said hi!!!

Poa’  [the slang way of fine]

Wait, did I just say poa?? What the heck is wrong with me?? Where did the English go??

Why am I blushing?? Oh hell no.. not this reaction.. no, No, nooo!!

The guy stood there giving me this creepy look and I looked away. Then he smiles ( does he really have to smile?? Darn it) and says

Hey. Are you ignoring me??

I said am fine ( why am I snapping at him??)
I am Silas. I don’t know a word in Swahili.

Oh.. kwani umetoka wapi?? Oh, sorry, where are you from??

I just wish I had decided to sit earlier and watch people play rather than working my ass of perfecting tennis only to get the attention when I was just sitting.

When your crush says hi, what happens?? ( sorry to those who thought we are developing a love story).  You can’t make one sentence without embarrassing yourself but, yeah, it’s totally worth it.. 🙂 🙂

always winnie