I have finally conceded and half heartedly acknowledged that my shrink friend Leila is right in that relationships aren’t for me. (Pray with me she doesn’t read this because I will never hear the end of it).
She might however be wrong partially because I have maintained a romantic relationship with my bed and my food. I love my bed. My food is sacred to me. I can’t cheat on food and sleep.. I have tried dieting but please, it didn’t even last past breakfast. I dieted from morning to late morning and I felt super thin and thought I was going to pass out.

Any other type of relationship apart from one with my crazy family and a few friends isn’t working. :(.Β 
Okay, enough beating around the bush, I am talking of the romantic ones… whoa!!! Those ones hate me.. wait, detest or wait… abhor me (note my Kenyan accent) The male species is becoming a mystery for me and am thinking of embarking on a few years research to understand this species. It’s like trying to tackle calculus 3 for me.. I always got a D and my relationship pattern is taking the same trend with my calculus and linear algebra.

It’s even more complicated than vector and vector spaces which by the way I most likely scored two out of thirty in the CAT.
I will just rant on my blog because I don’t have anybody to listen to me and my friends all have listening disorders. They don’t listen at all. My family?? No way.
Guys, if any of you is reading this, I need you to clarify something. When you say you want a real woman, what do you mean? Because I thought I was super real when I said what was on my mind, what I liked and what I didn’t like when I didn’t like it. Isn’t that real?? Don’t even go to looks. I am super real. Nobody in my family fakes looks ( note the proud tone in that statement).
Well, when I want attention, I want all of it, not semi not almost all of it. I mean all of it. If I am not getting all, please go away until you can afford ALL!!
I have something that makes me hate the world. Why is everybody lying and saying that they are just being nice?? Like when somebody does their hair and it all looks wrong and you shamelessly tell them they look great because they spent six hours in a salon??
I don’t get it. Back to my relationship ranting, when you do or say something wrong to me, like it or not it will be stated clearly that I don’t like that. Why the heck should I pretend otherwise??
Strange world.. people are avoiding the truth especially the guys.. or is it me who is picking the wrong ones??
Well, I would love to keep ranting but my friend Debbz ( who I think has mental issues by the way) has suggested we pray and fast for me to find the guy who can handle being told upfront that talking rude to a woman, ignoring her calls and trying to share his attention between her and his car isn’t what I expect, so I will start saying a prayer tonight so that I can be able to keep off food maybe breakfast time.. But as I have said earlier in my other posts, my brother Sam who is uglier than our puppy Tatty is in constant prayer that I find a husband because according to him I am ugly and a bit more strong willed than men around but who would take him seriously anyway? He is just that ugly sibling who tries to get at the good-looking humble one.. πŸ˜€

For now relationship is just another word for me. I am off now to my love, my bed. Goodnight to those in my time zone and to those who are starting off their day, have a great one and may women discover how men are wired. Cheers.

always winnie