Good reads ;The Soul healer

I am sitting watching one of those West Africans movie. It’s sunday night and I have nothing to smile about because it has been a normal day. To church then back home.

This movie is a quite dramatic and it reminds me of my primary school days when I used to hide novels under my desk in order to avoid being caught and then pretending to do math every time a teacher appeared. I had a few of the Sweet Valley High books, some of the books written by Kenyans and those by the west Africans known as Pace setters.

There is one particular book that this movie reminds me of ; the soul healer. This was a good read for me at the age I read it at. It was about a handsome prince and his friend Densu who was a very good archer. Now, the prince had an evil aunt and uncle who wanted their son : the prince’s cousin to inherit the kingdom once the king died. The queen was a very good woman who wanted good for all.

The uncle ( whose name I forgot) plotted for the death of the prince and his mother and also beats up Densu so that when a case is brought up, he can be the first suspect. Well, it all goes well except that the queen doesn’t die and she is rescued when in a coma by a hunter who likes Densu and stays in the forest. He nurses her and she gets better with time.
In the village though, the prince is buried and Densu is trying to explain that he didn’t kill anyone. However, the case isn’t going so well since the arrow that killed the prince was arched from a distance that only Densu could arch from and hit the mark.

Densu is sentenced to death by hanging and on the final day when he is granted to prove innocent, the judge is described as an old man who is totally bored and can’t wait to get the case off his hands until when the queen appears with a slight limp.. the judge goes like ‘ this is the first time I have seen the dead walk. Let the dead speak for themselves.

Well, I have no idea why the author gave it that title but trust me when you are low, it’s a good read and when you accidentally stumble on an African movie, it’s the first book that does crosses your mind.

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