I am on my way home from the town and am starving. I am taking a bus and as usual I am in a star bus. This is a name to a fleet of one of the most notorious buses that break all the traffic rules and know all shortcuts in the city so when you take one, if you don’t end up in central police, you get home really fast.

I am just sitting checking out what new places they have in town and my seatmate is a woman with a cute young girl. I have to move a bit so that the two seater can accommodate even the little girl. I am still looking out and as we get past Hilton Hotel and get to Kenyatta avenue, the bus picks a guy who has clutches and he sits adjacent to my seatmate. We are now outside tuskys supermarket and am looking out at the freshly baked bread and I remember how hungry I am. My hunger thoughts are cut short by the guy in clutches trying to hit on on the woman with a little girl.

Soon as he opens his mouth, it’s apparent he is so drunk. His breath stinks of cheap liquor. He says he is husband to the woman and then this woman is going all I think religious ( if there is something like that) on him and she won’t stop. Am actually typing as I listen to her only that am translating some bits from Swahili to English

‘ I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus christ son of God. I consume you with the fire of the holy Spirit. I cover everyone with the blood of Jesus. I cover my family, I cover myself. I crush you devil under my feet. In the mighty name of Jesus …… ‘  she is still going on and now the drunk man has started claiming that he is God..
He is incoherent though and I think the stench is going to ruin my appetite. My hunger is gone
He is talking of his family now and he is no longer God. He is claiming he has a God now. And a wife and a kid who is in the university..

Am looking at the two of them and wondering, who is more drunk now???

He is still insisting on taking her out and she is still asking for fire to consume him.. I hope I don’t get a headache before I get home but it’s definite my appetite will be long gone and my stomach will be complaining for being fed with liquor stench.

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