There’s that moment that your realize you made a bad mistake
That moment that you realize your boyfriend set his priorities and you aren’t in the top four ( sniffing)
That same moment you know you can no longer complain because he doesn’t realize what that does to you
That he doesn’t realize you wish you could have walked away the day that you met him and maybe things would have been much easier
That you have to reset your priorities by taking him lower on the list and maybe out of the list totally
That moment that you look on his face unbelievably
You want to punch him but then it’s not worth the trouble
That feeling that you are insulted but you swallow your pride and walk away with the only pride you got left
That moment that on realizing that you are annoyed your friends call you up
And all you do is go for motorbike rides
And the wind feels great and the freedom feels great and you hold on to the rider like your life depends on it
You end up relaxed but at some point, you realize your running nose has just gotten worse and the chest you had forgotten about in your fight to find happiness has gotten worse
You are sneezing really bad ( holding a cup of lemon water and honey) and all you can do is tuck yourself early in bed.. 😦 😦
That moment…

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