Sunday morning was bright. Waking up and thinking that I have no cash and I have to go to church then visit a friend. Normally it’s usually church then sleep.

My uncle is a great person and he gives us a little weekly allowance when we are home and busy sending out CV to various places. So on Sunday, my two cousins and I were given this week’s allowance in the morning and I think we felt rich.

Hurried out of the house and went to Mamlaka Chapel where they are giving a great sermon series on why the prosperity gospel isn’t Christ like. We get there by bus and that is a little dent to our allowance. The pastor doesn’t disappoint. His sermon was great and you can get it by looking up Mamlaka Chapel. He reads the beatitudes and differentiates between a blessed man and the man Christ says, ‘ woe unto ‘

Two hours end fast and we are headed out to go visit a family friend who recently got a baby. As Africans, we naturally have to buy something for the family and that also is from our allowance. We get there and we are already imagining how the week will be like with the little amount left.

The baby is cute and we can’t regret visiting. One of my cousins leave early ( guys aren’t that into babies) and we are left.. We decide to watch a bit more of big bang theory season 8 and before we know it’s already 5 p.m. we catch a bus back to Nairobi town and we get there fast. Sunday was mothers day and my cousin decide we can walk around stalls and find something for her mum. This turned out to be a very bad idea because we shopped for ourselves and ended up very broke before the week even started.

This has led to new weekly resolutions.. .
a. No going to a place that requires fare
b. No buying airtime or data bundles
c. Carry your phone everywhere so that if someone calls, you don’t miss their call. No credit for calling back
d. No hanging out with friends who are thrifty. No money to spend
e. Next Sunday everyone will go their own way. And will solely avoid the market or clothes stalls.

It’s the broke week. Have a great one everyone and find my blogger sister in Salem and wish her the best week..

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