Let me start by stating that I respect the men of God and that I love the good work the real ones of you are carrying out of spreading the gospel. That is the greatest commission.. go ye and make disciples.. amen?

Now, let me complain a little about you. It is during a wedding, all of us woke up very early. We took a shower and put on extra make up that we don’t know if it’s friendly to our faces. For the boyish of us who don’t know how to even stand in heels are actually walking in heels. And it’s breaking us. Our legs are aching. We barely took any meal in the morning so our stomachs are so empty.

For the single of us we also have to put up with questions from the entire clan when we are bringing home a guy. We have to dodge and get poked when the bride appears all beautiful. When we finally seat in church, we want you to hurry up and end this agony for us.. but wait, not you.. you are actually enjoying our agony… before pronouncing the couple man and wife, you first take your time.. preaching goes on for an hour.. I love the gospel but on this day, I don’t like it.. will you just hurry up and get done with it.. we want to go home to treat our swollen legs and get the darn make up off our faces.. thanks for understanding

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