The greatest of these

7:03 am
I am up for no apparent reason.. Today we will be going to reach out to a family or two but i don’t feel elated as i should feel.. On the contrary, i feel defeated. We are losing a battle that we never had a chance of winning even before we started it… Yet, we started it.

Most Kenyans live from hand to mouth literally.. The effect of the curfew, businesses closing, restricted movement and social distancing will probably have more people on their knees even before corona virus does.. This shit is depressing as hell.. What is even more depressing is the gap that exists amongst Kenyans.. Some people don’t understand how others are suffering… The government got no clue whatsoever on the intensity of this…

I want to just get on top of my bed and close my eyes and assume all is well.. I log into my twitter account and all hope is gone.. Kenyatta National Hospital is on the spotlight again for negligence.. This isn’t the first case..Only this time, they didn’t ignore the child of a lesser god.. They apparently ignored one of the most brilliant minds in the country… I don’t know what the uproar is about because this isn’t new… Yet, the uproar is just there… I scroll past that and get to killings..

As if these problems are not enough, the exists a bunch of drunkards that were driven away in an ambulance while those who needed that ambulance couldn’t access it..

I want to feel the love for this country.. I want to feel the love in this country.. I want to read about the love in this country.. Yet, I am here feeling drained.. The only thing that keeps me going is hope.. Hope after my friend says he wants to adopt a family to care for.. Hope after a group of friends pool a bit of foodstuffs to cater for a few families.. Love is miserably failing me.. Yet it is supposed to be the greatest of all.. I always thought the greatest had the greatest impact..

Right now all i can do is hope that there are people out there doing more and more.. All i can do is hope that humanity does not go down the drain.. Hopefully, the next batch of people in our offices will do better than this.. I hope the rampant acts against human beings will reduce…

I just hope that i will not tire of hoping.. If hope fails me, i have nothing else to hold unto..

Do i hope you all are keeping safe and being kind to those around you? Stretch your arms as far as they can go and help out as much as you can..

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