Be kind to one another

Ellen always says this and it sounds simple.. Most times we give when we have excess and it is like human nature to hold on to more and more… We should try harder.

Every time i want to hold onto anything i have, i remember this one time, it was on Christmas. We were hard pressed. My mum and her 8 kids.. Not enough food.. Unluckily, the people around tend to say that they are praying for you whereas they could pray and share.. They do the work halfway..

So, my eldest brother was barely 12 or so.. with the rest of us.. None could do anything to help.. Not even the church that is commanded so.. It passed until two women came by.. They didnt have much but i do remember we cried.. It meant the world to us…

Don’t feel bad for me, we got through it… Be kind enough to extend even a kilo of rice to those hard hit during this time.. Don’t just pray for them.. Will you be more action than words? It makes the whole difference to someone.. Please be kind to one another and take care.

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