‘Thou shall not kill

Every other time I hear Kenyan news, the novel ‘Cry Vengeance’ comes into my mind and I have to continually recite the commandment ‘thou shall not kill’.
Cry Vengeance is about a cop ‘Brenda Blinkman’ who investogates deaths of rapists.. With her is a journalist who follows up the story. Every other time a rapist is set free ( the system is freaking rotten); he ends up dead. Brenda and other cops can’t seem to get any evidence.
How is that similar? Rape cases in Kenya have become rampant. From hospitals, to National secondary schools to primary schools. Do we see any man castrated or hanged or behind bars? No… definitely not. The media follows it up and at some point tires. When the police realize media is off their backs, they take a bribe and go their way rejoicing.  

Women are hurt.. kids are hurt.. high school girls are hurt.  Nothing happens. This makes me wish I could just cry vengeance.. 

You know why they never caught the killer? Because Brenda the lead cop was the killer. Nobody deserves rape.. especially not a 9 year old.  And it’s frustrating to see nothing being done.. 

I honestly need to move to another country.  The madness in this country is killing me. I really need to see God work in a better way . 😦

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