About Father’s Day

Well, today was father’s day.. 

For a few past years, I have wished my father  a happy one.. but then this year, I have come to accept that he is gone. If I write or not write, it makes no difference to him. 

In realizing that, I have also decided the only father I’d appreciate is ‘our Father art in Heaven’. I just give thanks. 

I’ve seen people wish their mothers happy father’s day but I just let it slip. My mother raised me as a mother would. Through and through. All I can do is appreciate her for being an amazing father. 

I sat down and reflected. I concluded that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t forge a relationship with any man that ain’t my brother. It is not in me. Don’t get me wrong, am no lesbian at all but just you know..

To me this father’s day will just be another day for me. I’ll wish my brothers a good father’s day.. that’s all.. wait.. maybe remember a few insults and smile as I go my way planning on how to adopt a cat when I hit 30. 

In case you are wondering, one shameless idiot once said that his father told him to never marry a woman raised by a woman.. I just couldn’t believe my years.. It’s depressing when most of my filtered messages in my Facebook is from him asking to meet up. 

Men.. smh.. you are a topic I don’t know if I want to pursue at whatever level. Probably keep chilling until and just see what happens?? 

Happy father’s day to any father around here. Cheers!!

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