Family matters

It’s after much thought, much listening and much observing that I have decided to put up this post to just appreciate my family for;

1. Love

Am surrounded by brothers who love me, a mother whose love knows no boundaries, an uncle who would go through  fire for me, an auntie who feeds me to death and another uncle who hugs me like am still a young girl.. My sisters.. who idolize me.. I just don’t think I appreciated them enough until I heard one of the girls I know, who is almost 30 years of age saying her brother hit her.. and their mother watched. It opened my eyes to how much ignorant I am. My brothers always defend me. Nobody dare raise a hand against me.. they spoil me.. they pet me.. I can’t explain it. I just always thought that that’s how  brothers treat their sisters.. my mum defends me.. even when my brother dare joke about me.. My aunt almost went crazy when someone made a negative comment.. my eyes are wide open now at how much love surrounds me.

2. Support

I can’t remember when I wasn’t supported ever.  Well, am aware of this for some time.. I got friends whose family behave like they don’t exist. All complaining and whining I have ever done sounds like crap right now. Am a spoilt brat. I just didn’t realize it 

3. Discipline

Well, did I ever tell you my mum was an army woman?? My aunt a noisy one.. that woman can lecture you continually for hours. I always watched not to step on their toes.  To respect my uncles and not cross boundaries. My mum always made it clear if I ever got pregnant, she would see to it that I got the baby and raised it well.. This is something I think parents should instil. Well, my brothers never went untouched. I remember when a family friend’s teen got pregnant and my younger brother got toasted for it and he wasn’t even responsible for it. My mum was ready to use his campus fee.. I have never laughed so hard in my life. We always were told on how to live and relate with others. 

I am one not in support of abortion. If we are preserving trees, shouldn’t we preserve human life?? I just realized how much that was important when a friend’s sister was helped by the mother to get rid of 7 month’s pregnancy.The women crying out there for just one kid.  Just one.. 

I feel bad.. 

And I feel unappreciative of my family.. Day in day out, as I relate with people, it opens my eyes on how ignorant I have been of the good gifts that God has bestowed me with.. How could I have been so blind?? 

I don’t want to dwell on it.. I just want to go out of my way to appreciate my family.. 
Maybe think of this too?? Have a blessed weekend.. 


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