A moment with God

Well, am sure you are wondering what I gonna say about walking with God.. maybe absolutely nothing.. am one of the sinners. It’s no secret..
But maybe, just maybe am learning..
So in learning I ran into the Psalmist and particularly the one who wrote 119.. David was the Psalmist.. He, a man that God says is a man after God’s own heart starts by stating
‘Blessed are those whose ways are blameless.. that walk according to the laws of the Lord’

I would expect David (a man after God’s own heart) to be amongst those that keep God’s laws effortlessly.. but it amazes me as I read farther..
David does say he is a stranger.. he prays to God to teach him His ways that he may walk in them..

And my mind goes like well, if David would err in the ways of the Lord and need to be taught.. why not me??
So find me learning Psalms 119 and making that prayer..

Perhaps make it with me??

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