Amongst my new year’s resolution was trying to a better Christian.. Because I have been failing and have failed before..
So the year starts. It’s amazing.. I am praying for better relationships with people.. Staying in peace.. to seek it..
Weeks.. it’s like am happy. Am ditching all meaningless relationships in my life. Am avoiding people who pull me back.. and am making progress.

I am off to writing reports for my part time job. I do three days for about 50 bucks.
I am making progress  really fast and getting on with my life. Pay time.. through mobile money.
It’s 20 dollars less.
I just can’t believe it.
I call my boss. She says her boss said so and asks if I can go talk..
I am bored and get there feeling all angry.
I have to hold myself because I might have a crazy mouth when I get angry..
i  look at the woman blubbering apologies trying to sound nice. I have to literally bite my tongue and fold fists tight to avoid talking..
When I leave, I am angry but surprised all I said is
‘Next time you call me, state the pay’