The song praise you in the storm by Casting Crowns is playing on my phone and I am really sad and I am singing along. Today has been a really sad day for Kenya. If you haven’t watched news or maybe missed CNN,  let me update you.

Garissa University was today attacked by terrorists in the morning and students have been killed and some are being held hostage in the school. The school is surrounded by police who can’t do much because the students in the school have been approximated to be more than two hundred. The death toll has risen to 147 and the injured students are almost the same number.

I am grateful that it isn’t my school though very worried where these people will go next. The terror threat alerts texts have been going around and it’s very sad that we didn’t believe that it would really be carried out in a school that was just promoted to a university such as Garissa. People actually thought it would be either University of Nairobi or Kenyatta University. As for me, I never thought that students would be attacked at all and when my cousin passed on the alert, I told him to stop filling up my what’s app messages.

It is even sadder for me because just last month I met ladies from Garissa University who were taking part in the University Games and they were all excited since they were initially a college and now a university. I actually shared a name with one girl and we got along really well but I can’t find out if she is okay because I didn’t take her number.

It’s sadder for parents who were excited that their kids were admitted to the university and now all they will do is mourn whereas others don’t know if their daughters and sons will come out safe. They are worried that their babies will never be the same. My heart cries out to those who are watching their friends being ruthlessly murdered and do not know their fate.

I am lying awake praying for parents to be strong, for students to be released and young innocent souls to rest in peace. I am crying for my country Kenya that is mourning and for all students who are living in fear. For all those parents who will hesitate to take their children to school because they are so worried. I also cry for the mothers whose sons are capable of such inhumane acts. For the terrorist themselves for preying on innocent, harmless, defenseless and young souls.

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10 Replies to “Inhumanity”

  1. My thoughts and prayers for the families and children. The overwhelming question is why do humans still commit such crimes upon each other? I hope and pray that the end of this madness comes soon.


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    1. Thank so much Rob. We are still in shock and it’s very sad that people still commit such inhumane acts and I wish I could answer your question, just that I also don’t know the answer

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      1. Today, the world community is as one. But, it’s not enough. Every day we have to be as one and stop the madness. It’s happening far too frequently now. We need to all stand up and make a stand and shout that we will not tolerate this.

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      2. True to that Rob. I wish people really had all that sense in them. Just that many of the humans lost their humanity. They lost touch of human emotions. And it’s so sad

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  2. My thoughts are with you guys, especially adventurous people like you, Winnie. For those of us who work in in Universieties across Africa, it is a huge concern for us too. I have read Kenyata’s national address after the attack. Even though it’s well garnished, I am least impressed. It contains no concrete action for remedy.


    1. I am not impressed either Dennis. They have deployed more security officers in school though. However these type of attacks are really tricky because the guards don’t have a chance of even touching their guns before they are all shot down.
      Thank you. Please say a prayer for the families too


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