She used to smile, she used to ran around and be happy. She used to play in the rain and be happy. She used to sit by the door and wait her new dad to come home and talk to her and make her smile and make fun of her. That girl with the sad smile, she used to be giving, she believed that God does good to those who do good. One day her new dad quarreled with her mother. Her mother screamed at him and he screamed back at her. That girl with the sad smile ran out and played with friends. Her mother’s face was swollen and scarred when she came back. Her new father left and came late very drunk. That girl was no longer spoken to. He didn’t even bring her any present or her favorite cake. That evening he snapped at her. She slept quietly with her mother next to her sobbing beside her small form. The next day she wasn’t that happy. She tried hard to smile and hoped that everything was okay between her new father and her mother. She went home with a prayer in her heart. That day her mother was sad. She was still crying. Her new dad got home eventually, very late in the evening. He smelled of the local liquor. It was on his breath, strong and stinking. He staggered to bed and almost slept on the little girl her mother had brought home a few days ago. Her mother rose and went to confront him. They argued and he lost his control and hit her. Her mother cried and fell on the little baby. He picked the paraffin tin and threatened to set them all on fire. That girl whose sad smile you see,  screamed. And her new dad turned and hit her. She felt herself fall on the ground.
That girl is no longer at her home. She rarely sees her dad or mother. They may had had their fights, she is afraid of her new dad but everyday she looks out of the window and hopes that they will come and take her home. She wears only a sad smile and hopes that her mother is safe not broken. She wears that sad smile and only hopes that the little girl her mother brought home will not be hit any time in her life… the girl with a sad smile.

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