How are you coping?

Ever sat down and thought ‘Damn..I am royally screwed’? I hope not because it is an awful feeling. As if Covid-19 and hard financial times isn’t enough shit to deal with, i went ahead and got myself into a mess that i will probably will never get myself out.. And that i will probably will tell you about in 5 years time.. lol

Anyway, how is it on your side?? What are the effects of the virus?

The hardest bit here is the rate of abuse that is ongoing. It is like people are taking out their wrath on their kids. It is so heartbreaking that every day there are more cases than there were yesterday..

Of course the financial strain can be felt and touched.. As one who works online, ( ) job priorities have shifted to developed countries and right now i am looking for a white husband because i really need to shift to those developed countries.. People are getting laid off daily, people are taking paycuts every day. It is sad to imagine that we consider those taking paycuts luckier than those who are completely laid off.

I just don’t want to think about it..

I hope everyone is keeping very safe and sane. We need to hold on tighter than ever before. Be safe.

4 Replies to “How are you coping?”

  1. I think COVID has exposed just how much people use work, school and other things that keep them distracted enough not to deal with issues that crop up in life. Myself I am learning to spend an entire day with the same people because now there is no escaping. If I notice something ugly, I just have to fix it or deal with it now because there is no “escape plan.”

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