A.M Thoughts

10 minutes to 4 a.m.

Sometimes i imagine that my boobs are itchy.. Or my head if full of crap.. Maybe the latter. Definitely the latter. Or maybe, the Chinese taking over..

The number of pregnant teens in this country is alarming. Babies are having sex and they are gonna have babies.. In this shitty economy. I want to blame the parents but then i have been a teen before.. I might have matured a bit slower but i was still a teen. The hormones were supposedly there but the environment was not as conducive then as it is now.Smartphones were not a thing and musicians had brains.

As i lie here, I imagine the different scenerios that are going to arise when we hit the grassroots with the idea that their kids need to learn about safe sex rather than sticking to abstinence alone. I can imagine women going crazy over how we are going to educate their kids on bad manners. I can almost picture them in the streets asking for us to be kicked out… I really can’t wait..

It is hilarious to imagine them pray when we tell their kids about condoms… I just pray that they won’t think of stoning us up…

Enjoy your Friday and keep safe.

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