Exes belong to the past

Currently, i am in a bad mood.Over my ex? Hell no!! Nobody ever gets sad or bad moods once the garbage is out. It is over a colleague who is a guy and also who is gonna lose his family because he is dumb but thinks he is bright.
Ever seen some kid play with fire and once you tell them they say they won’t get burnt? Yeah. that’s what we are witnessing.

Personally i think exes who come back are working with the devil to ruin your life. Someone who did you wrong,walked away with no apologies into another relationship which turned out sour. They then come back..
Someone help me understand.
So, this guy has a wife who idolizes him and two beautiful girls. But, once the wife is away, he has the audacity to bring another woman into his house.. Honestly men, who hurt you?

Anyway,i don’t even know why I am complaining but this is a free country. If you don’t want someone that much anymore, just let them go. Why knowingly put wounds and later scars on a person who loves you over someone who is married and got married when with you watching?

Some men are more disappointing than Avengers End Game. You think they got their shit together, then they come up with something so lame that you can’t believe it.

Anyway, let’s all have a good week and Be Kind to one another.

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