Been a while

Well, it has been long since i wrote anything here. Where have i been? I have no idea whatsoever. I have been here and there, trying different things and foods of course. Yes i am still poor but not yet dead.
Sometimes I hate life and sometimes I hate it especially with 30 approaching fast and i have to mature up. I don’t want to!!! Someone with a solution to this? I will do anything… 😦
Anyway, apart from receiving messages and calls from humans who trashed me in the past, no other ghosts to deal with. I am still in love with food and sleep. I am also asking my friends to follow my link and register in Clixsense.
Here goes

It will cost you nothing and if you are in developed countries you have better chances of making a few bucks there to maybe take a vacation to Kenya. Please follow my link.
Anyway.. Hope everyone is all good. I am damn excited to check out what you’ve been up to. Great Sunday and week ahead!!

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