Just a post

I am starving… My stomach ain’t amused at the rate which am not cooking… well not tonight though… Food… food.. 
As that thought crosses my mind, I think of guys who are married yet want to sleep with someone else… Poor women.  The blames you are getting.. come get your husbands. 
One guy says his wife has neglected him sexually.. This is an ultimate fool.. ( guys get me here.. this line never works.. maybe it once did, but but now it doesn’t).. What am I supposed to think??  Am relieve services??  Talk of insults.. 

Anyhow, the shop am at now has crazy people. You hear of sex more than of sales.. Well,  am still adapting.. ( I will come back with 3some thoughts if the crazy people).. 
I don’t know honestly what to think about.. 

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