A penny for your thoughts?

‘I really love him. I can’t move on..’
‘She is my everything.. I can’t imagine life without her’..

These are statements I hear and most likely when you ain’t watching, I roll my eyes. Why? It makes no sense to me. 

90% of the time, we ain’t in love.. I’ll talk on behalf of women here.. guys are complicated humans who will camp in your Facebook direct messages for   a year and when you say yes, they leave with better self esteem..
Why don’t we want to move on? The money? The compliments?? What exactly? I think we are as women convincing ourselves it wasn’t one sided… we want it to work somehow. Unless we you wweren’t our first choice.. we settled for you as a plan B. 
Now, mostly when someone talks to me and say they love me, I think to myself, ‘is it me you are kidding or are you kidding yourself?’ In this century, it’s hard to tell.. 

.Do soulmates exist? Movies are such a scam..  they are worse scam than the statement I make on trying harder to be nice .
Someone enlighten me through and through.  Which generation are we in??

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