It has just been this weather and feeling and happenings . The weather has been warm, yet cold.. The sun has been shining and looking friendly yet scorching.. it hurts..

Winds have been blowing harder than they should.. it’s a turn of events.. unexpected.. surprising.. 

One day we have the rains, the other day we have the sun.. and wind.. strong winds that could blow you off.. 

I’ll keep bees.. and hope they don’t ‘sting..’

‘But, won’t they be disturbed? ‘ I ask.

‘No.. I will fence.. You know my younger brother.. your uncle or dad according to traditions? We once threw stones to a hive. Bees attacked us.. we went to the hospital’ 

‘ haha.. why would you do that? ‘ 

‘We were boys you know’ 
Barely 4 days later.. 

Just like the weather.. winds blew.. too strong winds..

Hospital bed.. lying there.  

‘Thanks for visiting.. with your friend.. ‘ 

What?? I can’t stand it.. just like the sun.. it scorches.. hurts.. I don’t want to be there. It’s me.. If you can’t recognize me, who will?? 

Strong winds.. careful not to be swirled and blown away.. Stay strong for all of us. Once they stop sedating you, I will be back and not break down hopefully. 

Get well soon Father.

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