Of Campus and Campus Crush 3

On such long days girls would talk of shopping, outing, dinning, movies and all those girlish stuffs, but who on this earth thinks of games? Real playing. I mean physical sports. This was Winnie. Yea, Always Winnie. As a way of spending the rest of the day, she suggested we go play board games. I wanted to feel offended. At the same time I was amused. Despite the fact that where I come from such game were considered child play (which I latter came to realize how wrong I was and how fun it was) I didn’t expect a lady to express interest in games and sports and actually take part actively. I was operating half consciously and half semi-consciously and based on mens’ inability to multitask, semi-consciousness was winning.    “Do you know Monopoly?” Juliet asked for the second time, this time tapping me. Mono… what??? I wanted to ask. From the bush I come from the only board game we know is a multiplication table on a blackboard. “No” I mumbled. I didn’t want to embarrass myself and at the same time I didn’t want to lie. My mind was over-clocking. “It’s not that complicated” Katoi assured. “I am also a learner” Juliet added. “Actually you can be a beginner and beat the pros” Winnie chipped in. All this assurances left me no choice. In fact it psyched me up.

    I missed some parts of the conversation as my mind raced ahead in time. I was thinking of the space to play the game. Juliet’s room had three other roomie, adding the four of us would make it a mess violating the government decongestion policies. This was my chance. I shared my room with a guy who was never present. Perfect to our situation. The second task was to convince the girls into the boys halls of residence. At this I wasn’t sure of where to start. I quickly jumped back to reality. Maybe I could find some cues and take advantage of them to express my idea. Luckily the girls had digressed to girls issues and little was realized about my silence. 

     “Say something. You are so much reserved” Katoi said directing it to me. “I am not used to girls’ company.” I shyly confessed. “Don’t you have sisters?” she attacked. “Welcome to my world” Juliet said patting my back comfortingly. The girls laughed. I felt comfortable. 

   I was getting to know more about the girls. Moreso I was getting to know Winnie. However the more I knew about her the farther away she felt. She was in her own world. And it was working great for her. She wasn’t easily impressed. She wasn’t into trends nor fashion. She had a Nokia C1 phone which she held dearly as she chatted and blogged. How I wished to be on her chat list. Why couldn’t she migrate to smartphones? I always wondered. She had an aerie of independence. She paid for all she got. 

  “I could do with some breakfast” Juliet said. “In my room I have some eggs, if only we could get there I could make you breakfast” I offered. It was my chance. I couldn’t afford to let it slip. “It is also convenient to host you there for the board game.” I quickly added. Winnie and Katoi were up to protest. Juliet realising the need for more space came to my aid and responded to their worries. Hearing from Juliet gave them the assurance they needed. I was almost feeling proud of myself. I had made a step forward.

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