Of campus and campus crushes 2

(I always write about others.. being written about is strange.)

Seeing her now and then became often. On most occasions it was in presence of Juliet. Conversations were limited to greetings and on request for opinions especially tie-breakers when the girls couldn’t agree on certain issues.


   Juliet was such a nice company and dragged me around. We shared secrets and she exposed me to the elite class. 


    Having grown up in the cold shades of Aberdares coupled with family problems, I was shy and naïve. Talking to girls was not my thing. Not that I didn’t want to but the confidence failed me. I wasn’t an introvert as such, I made friend and even engaged in social activities, but opening up to the matters of the heart, was way out of my strength.
   Juliet would always tell sweet stories of her love life but I had nothing to offer. How could I tell her of Winnie, while she was still a fantasy in my sweet dreams? Juliet was against fixing me up for hook ups even though she always introduced me to to her female friends. She would always advice me to work my love life and get a decent girl who my heart would be comfy with. And as such I feared telling her of Winnie. 


   One day after an early morning maths lecture Juliet and I hooked up as usual. Winnie and Katoi caught up with us on our way out of the lecture hall. The girls hugged and I was given a hand shake. Poor me, how dreamt of that hug but in vain. By now I had grown used to girls chat and I could always find a way to chip in. I was learning and getting comfortable and moreso I was getting to know Winnie. However the more I knew about her the further away from me she felt. Now that i could not openly tell her how much I wanted her I opted to use suggestive actions and gestures. It wasn’t easy though, she had an aerie of independence around her. She opted to pay for all she got. And she wasn’t impressed by trends. She still had a Nokia c1 that she clinged onto, chatting and blogging, like her last breathe. How I longed to be on that chat list.
   After the usual girls ‘what have you been uptos” it was time to plan for the next course. The just completed lecture was the only one for that day. Alot of free time was available.

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