Life as women are suffering it

I sit in a mat today.. am ready to start a war.. any time…

Yet, I have to remind myself that I don’t have muscles. I take in a shaky breath.. I blink back tears.. Helplessness. That’s what it is.. that cursed feeling that women are suffering nowadays.

Am yet to get a baby so I can’t explain the pain.. but at a small percentage, I try to understand. It’s tiring.. it’s draining.. yet, women who have given birth at Kenyatta National hospital have to keep watching their backs.. They have to walk in groups to breastfeed their babies.

Problem? They can get raped in the facility.. the biggest referral hospital in East and Central Africa; the home of shame.

Morgue attendants are going after those women and raping them.. I can’t just.. honestly I have no idea what to say here. The women are shown dead bodies and they have them scared.. then abusing them..

No woman should get raped.. but this is even worse; vulnerable women, scared women.. oh my God.. 

Who are these people? Are they even human? 

The most saddening fact is that the management is well aware of whatever is happening.. They just couldn’t be bothered. Hate me, or think me as biased, but I think the management is men. No woman would sit back and watch this happen. If there’s such a woman, we of the female race of the all living things disown you. You are a disgarace.. a shame to all women.

Some time ago, I read an article by media personalityAnita Nderu on sexual abuse, I just didn’t know it would get to this level. I had no idea this would go this far.

Lot’s of Kenyan men are idiots and mentally dysfunctional. They have no idea on where boundaries on sexual abuse lie. There’s a time some guy grabbed my breast through a matatu window.. I was mad.. I showered for minutes.. I just can’t imagine what those women are suffering right now..

It’s traumatizing to think of it. I would call out to Kenyan men to defend their women from the men who are doing this but I can’t.. how many men have had sex with a girl even when she said no? Just holding her down just because they can? How many have made unwelcomed comments about a girl’s body even when she didn’t like it? How many men are having their wives without even caring just because they can? 

Well, I won’t.. I have met a real man once.. so am sure they exist.. but they are outnumbered. The morons rule the men’s world. 

I would call out to the government.. but what for? Wrotten garbage..

I would cry out to women.. but we are outmuscled..  we are pushed out in the streets easily.. it’s a battle I don’t know how to win..

I will just cry myself to sleep… not before praying that maybe.. just maybe God will be gracious  enough to keep those women out if harms way.. 

They can crush anything, but not the hope that maybe life will be better.. one day.


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