‘Why do you even have boobs?? God should have given them to someone who will make use of them’.. 

No.. no no… I silently say the Lord’s prayer and extend to hail Mary.. I get lost since I just know that bit; hail Mary..

Nothing more.

Well, women flash cleavage here and there and honestly I have no idea if it’s stupid or sexy.. I have nothing for boobs.. really. 

Being African just saw me endowed.. just moderately. I would honestly swap for smaller ones but it’s not that easy, is it?? 

It’s weird how once a bit of that shows, the attention one gets quadruples miraculously and I can’t help want to just dress up like a nun.

Anyway, am continuously being insulted by a few friends and I have just decided to let them know that my boobs are just baby food.. 

So let everybody be calm and cover up…

Some of our own species are leaving almost everything out.. no feelings still.. do whatever you want. They are yours to keep

‘I like waist in particular.. you in particular..’ 

This is noise honestly.. I think to myself as I scroll to ‘God of this city ‘by Chris Tomlin..

Am glad and thinking of myself.. self centered, right? Well, suit yourself. People are exaggerating what at a certain age one should have achieved. It’s boring. It’s within the box. 

Everyone got their own pace. Their taste.. 

‘You don’t make up?’ Some kid at the organic market cuts through my thoughts.


I silently pray to God that he doesn’t pursue that topic..

Well, prayers sometimes tend to hit the roof and right back to you..

‘Why?’ He asks.

In my mind I continually pray that he will recognize that having a crush on me is like having a crush on his elderly aunt, but he never gets it.

Well, am too lazy. I reply..

‘Plus the good Lord honored me. Am cute’ 

I turn up the volume and honestly anyone who talks to me with my earphones on just makes me feel suicidal.. someone hand me a rope already.

‘You know what, let’s hang out on Christmas’ he says.

No.. someone shoot him. It’s like babysitting my friends kid.
‘No. Amma sleep on Christmas’


‘Do you know am so sleepy even now? Plus am probably 50 years older than you. Plus you are annoying’

I plug in my earphones.


Am silently praying now..

‘Keep us from temptation, and deliver us from evil..’

‘You have a customer’

I unplug my earphones and raise my face.

‘Hi. You look.. ‘

Some guy from campus.. 

I need to pray in the morning.. life isn’t being fair to me.

‘Winnie.. it has been so long..

. ‘ 

I take my mind to talk to Leila about cups and plates..

I need prayers people.. I might succumb to depression at this rate..

I will be grateful

It’s one thing to be in bed.. it’s another thing to be tossing and tossing with no sleep..

Thus is my lifestyle.

Life has just decided I am no longer sleepy head.. the only times I feel sleepy are mornings..

I just don’t know how to function. With the year struggles so set to see me down, I remind myself not to complain.

In complaining too much, I overlook reasons to be grateful. Yes am hard pressed.. yes am between rocks and a hard place.. yes my friend helped me not do something I wanted.. but I still will be grateful.

With an almost defeated sigh, a tired look and a downcast soul, I will just say thanks God.. every other day you give me is a new chance. 

I am stronger than I know.. I will live to see better days 

Let’s talk single

Honestly am an annoyed woman. My browser is shameless and my facebook is crappy..  want to know why? It dared suggest one of the articles written by one retarded chauvinistic son of a goat; Cyprian Nyakundi.. 

Honestly I feel defiled by typing that name. This guy insinuates women that have climbed the radar in various careers have had to whore themselves around for it. He further argues if a man pays rent for a woman, then he has the right to have unlimited sexual access to her.

Honestly I don’t want to discuss this kid who says women above 27 years are expired.. oh.. wow.

Am here to talk single.. about me.. let’s breath in and forget this one.. empty debes make most noise..

As a woman, (not above 27 by the way), there’s nothing more I enjoy than my freedom. It’s amazing that I can spend lots of time with music and a good book without getting interrupted by anyone. It’s also amazing that I can leave my room in the morning and in the evening decide am going to camp at my aunt’s home for 3 days and eat non-stop.. leave with a few more kilos.. 

It’s also liberating that I can spend the entire day at work and decide to play badminton until am beat.. 

Doing all this without having to explain myself to anyone. Without asking for anything from anybody or expecting anything from anyone.

Don’t get excited.  I get hit on by guys. And calls checking on me make me feel nagged unlike I really like that guy.. which rarely happens. 

There’s nothing as amazing as that feeling of having oneself to oneself. Once in a while disturb people then tuck myself in bed with a good book and divert all my calls knowing that I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.. 

Any person daring to believe in any words spoken by the likes of that guy, is a fool. 

Anyway, I got a book to get back to, I think I will get married to a good book.

Please note; any man that talks negative of women should start with his own mother and sisters..

Didn’t Jesus ask disciples to spread the Gospel from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

Be nice and start in your own home..

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