That girl


This isn’t my work. Someone just sent this and am as curious as you are.. Romance? Maybe, maybe not.. Likes of Maggie can keep away..

It was back in my freshman year. Precisely my first Mathematics lecture to attend. Whether it was SMA 101 or SMA 103 I can’t specifically recall. That’s when I first saw her. I am not sure whether it was I who saw her or she was just impossible not to notice. 

I cant very well pinpoint the details but the cornrows caught my eyes. Who in campus does simple cornrows? She was of good African shape and the height was of an American. 

Being the first class, only introductions were made and in less than half an hour we were at leisure. People grouped into their newly formed friend circles as they left. I delayed behind furthermore I hadn’t made any friends to hastely push me out of the hall. Finally the girl was up moving, I didn’t mean to stalk her but I wanted to see more of her. I had to follow. ‘Maybe I could get a chance to talk to her and know her better’, I lamely thought to myself knowing very well I could never garner the courage to approach her. 

Once outside, I noticed more uniqueness in her style. While every other girl was struggling with a handbag, she had a college bag. Her best shoes were old schools and her dress code was just simple. She appeared to be of decent origin and therefore one could not accuse finances for her choices. But what stunned me even more was her attitude of satisfaction with who she was and what she had. I could see her chanting and smiling as if she was the chairlady of the student union or the daughter to the chancellor.

I kept a safe distance to the main gate and even though she headed to town where i was too heading I switched the street in fear that I was going to far. 

That was the first day and I looked forward to the next class to observe her again from a distance.

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