‘Until the pain goes away…
Until the bleeding stops’
She whispers quietly
‘The pills will be taken’
Until then can you feel okay..
The feeling is gonna go..
Until I can bathe off your smell
Until I can heal the scars
‘Till I can banish the images of you
Pushing me against the wall
Until I stop fighting you in my dreams
To keep your filthy hands off me..

Until I can stop feeling myself break
When you roughly entered me
Until the pain that I felt
Can stop haunting me..
Until that tear you made
Can heal and wounds go..
Until then..

Until I can stop smelling your perfume
Everywhere I go
Until I can convince myself
Not everyone is like you
Until my hands stop shaking every time a door is closed..
Until I can convince myself
I ain’t to blame for anything

Until then, the pain is raw..
Worse than the blood that trickles
Worse than the marks..

Until then I will cry myself to sleep
And tomorrow will be the same

Piano sounds just make it more vivid..
Trust is unattainable..
Living unworthy..